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New Employee Site

We’re also building a new site just for employees, so you can find everything you need in one place. Currently, forms and other resources for College faculty and staff are spread across the website and the intranet. The new website brings all of those resources together in one place, making it faster and easier to navigate.


New organization

The employee website is organized around one simple principle: What do you need to do your job? Forms and information are grouped according to user task, making navigation quicker and easier.

Search function

The search bar helps you find what you need even faster—the employee site gives faculty and staff the ability to search just the content on that site.


Like our external site, the employee site will be easy to view and navigate on a range of devices, including smartphones.

Clean design

The new design of the employee website is inspired by the look of the external site, but it’s been further streamlined to make browsing efficient for faculty and staff.


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