Connell, E. Jane.  “Elijah Pierce, 1892-1984.”  In The American Collections: Columbus Museum of Art, edited by Norma J. Roberts.  Columbus, OH:  Columbus Museum of Art, 1988.    
Ref 709.73  C726a      

Connell writes a critical essay of one of Pierce’s masterpieces, Crucifixion.  Photo included. 

Davis, Gerald L.  “Elijah Pierce, Woodcaver: Doves and Pain in Life Fulfilled.”  In  The Artist Outsider: Creativity and the Boundaries of Culture, edited by Michael Hall and Eugene W. Metcalf.  Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1994.         
Ref 700.103  A791        
An essay by Gerald Davis describes Pierce’s carvings as outsider art, yet tied to the African-American Southern Rural tradition.

Hall, Michael D.  “Elijah Pierce.”  In Self-taught Artists of the 20th Century: an American Anthology, foreword by Gerard C. Wertkin; Elsa Longhauser, curator, Harald Szeemann, curator; Lee Kogan, project coordinator.  New York: Museum of American Folk Art, 1998.
On Order.        

Michael Hall writes of the community and culture that speaks in the folk art of Elijah Pierce.

Roberts, Norma, ed. Elijah Pierce, Woodcarver. Columbus, OH: Columbus Museum of Art, 1992.  
730 E42

Holland Cotter of the New York Times writes of the book, “It treats [Pierce] the complex, witty, reflective man he was, a product of a specific time and place..., whose passionate engagement in the world around and above him remains a lesson and a delight.

Rosen, Michael J. Elijah’s Angel: A Story for Chanukah and Christmas. Illustrated by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1992. 
F  R813e        

A touching story of friendship between a young Jewish boy and Elijah Pierce, a Christian woodcarver.  Rosen drew inspiration for the story from his own experience meeting Elijah Pierce.  Robinson is a Columbus artist who was a friend and student of Pierce. 

Rosenak, Chuck and Jan Rosenak.  Museum of American Fold Art Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Centruy American Folk Art and Artists.  New York:  Abbeville Press, 1990.  
Ref 709.2  R813m
The Rosenaks, who have been collecting contemporary American folk art since 1973, have complied an encyclopedia of background information on 257 artists.  Elijah Pierce is included in this record of American folk art.

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