Thursday, April 10, 2008

arts festival photo2008 Arts Festival nears, campus prepares for crowdsarts festival logoAs announced in earlier issues of Update, the 47th annual Columbus Arts Festival will be held in the Discovery District June 6-8, on streets and parking lots bordering the Columbus State campus, and with many of the tents, stages and activities taking place on our property.

This exciting event will bring up to 400,000 people downtown for three days of music, 250 artists’ booths, kids’ activities and food.   The event was moved into the Discovery District last year in preparation for construction projects on the riverfront area where previous festivals were held. 

The Arts Festival is expected to generate thousands of dollars for the Columbus State Development Foundation, because the proceeds of parking in our garage and in surface lots surrounding campus will go to the college. Parking likely will be managed by a professional parking service on Friday, June 6, through Sunday, June 8. The planned parking fee is $5 per vehicle.

Because the festival falls on the weekend prior to finals week, several accommodations will be made to those students and faculty who need to park on campus and use campus facilities on those dates, including:

Watch “Update” over the next several weeks for more news about the Arts Festival. Go online to learn more about the 2008 Columbus Arts Festival.

ASL program to host lecture on “language-less people” April 21
Susan Schaller
Susan Schaller

The Interpreting/ASL Education Department will host a film screening and discussion by author/filmmaker Susan Schaller, “In Search of Lucy Doe,” the story of a woman raised in a family of five deaf siblings, who never learned a spoken or signed language. 

The film, a documentary (BBC Worldwide), was created with Oliver Sacks, and tells the stories of language-less people uncovered by Schaller. In the movie, a nameless woman acts out the story of her mysterious past, and five deaf siblings try to describe their work
using only gestures.

The film will be shown at 4 p.m. April 21 in Nestor Hall Auditorium, with the discussion following at 5 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Academics have long argued what exactly constitutes language, and many have claimed it is impossible to learn language after a certain age. Schaller reveals the stories of adults who shared no language with anyone until adolescence or adulthood. They often help tell their stories using ideolects or language learned late in life. These language-less people can be found in every country, wealthy or poor, but are invisible to the hearing world.

Susan Schaller, educator and author of “A Man without Words,” is preparing to publish her second book focusing on the lives of people who have been raised with no spoken or signed language. As the founder and director of a nonprofit noted for its programs, “Vital-Signs” and “Deaf World Television,” she has built bridges between the deaf and hearing communities.  Schaller’s public speaking raises awareness of complex issues of language rights across disciplines.

Artist’s talk, performance, rescheduled for April 24

LaTreice Branson
LaTreice V. Branson

Local artist LaTreice V. Branson will give a talk and performance at the opening of her exhibit in the Educational Resources Center on Thursday, April 24, at noon in the TV studio on the lower level.  The exhibit will run through April 30 in the Level 1 Gallery.

Due to illness, the event was rescheduled from March 6.

Branson started her career selling her art in 2002 at age 18.  She graduated from Cheney University in Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Fine Arts, and from Ohio State with her Master of Fine Arts in Photography. She teaches digital and film photography at Ohio State.

Branson’s most recent artwork is titled “Reflected Blackness,” and her exhibits are accompanied by lectures on race, identity and blackness. The artist’s reception is free and open to the public.  Visit Branson’s Web site to learn more.

Textbook Affordability Symposium to be held on campus April 29Chancellor Eric Fingerhut to will address "Leveraging the University System of Ohio to Make Textbooks More Affordable for Students" in a symposium held on our campus Tuesday, April 29, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. in the WD ballroom.

The seminar is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required at

The purpose of the symposium is to share ideas and practices for making college textbooks more affordable for college and university students across the state.

cartoon about textbooks
"Never let your mom offer to pick up your books at Sam's Club"

The symposium will include a review of recent studies related to textbook costs, successful models University System of Ohio colleges and universities use to make textbooks more affordable, and information on other proposed initiatives. There will also be updates provided on recently introduced state and federal textbook affordability legislation.

"Making college more affordable is a key component of our 10-year plan for higher education in Ohio," said Chancellor Eric Fingerhut. "We're looking forward to providing a forum to share across the board ideas from faculty, students, publishers, library officials, bookstore managers, and others on ways lower textbook costs to students."  

Registrants also have the option of purchasing a pre-ordered lunch. Please direct all inquiries to Steve Ferris, Ohio Board of Regents, (216) 262-6522,

Webinars offered by OLN for faculty continuous learning Teach U logoThe Ohio Learning Network’s “TeachU” online seminars were created to help faculty keep up with new information and pedagogy related to emerging technologies. TeachU seminars are once a month, one-hour long and oriented toward “how to.” Sessions are informative and practical and save time. The presenters focus on student success, effectively integrating learning and technology and now are eager to share their knowledge and resources. To participate you will need a computer (OS: Windows, Mac or Unix), 512 mb RAM, a Web browser, 56/kbs or faster internet connection, and sound card with speakers and microphone (headset with mic is better). 

Upcoming Webinars are:
April 24, 11 a.m. - Blogs and Wikis in an Integrated Curriculum
May 29, 11 a.m. - Creating Hybrid Courses

For more information visit the TeachU Web site.

Clippers logoFree Clippers tickets for employees April 19Columbus State employees can get up to 4 free tickets each to the Clippers game on Saturday, April 19, by going to the Cashier’s Office and showing an ID. Watch the Clippers play in their last season in Cooper Stadium…for old time’s sake!


New campus printer “locator/installer” utility available MondayA utility has been implemented and will be available starting Monday, April 14, to facilitate locating and printing to different printers on campus. This Web-based print-enabling application shows a floor plan view of campus buildings with installed printers. The utility allows you to select a campus printer that you wish to use by clicking on an icon on a floor plan view (provided that your login account has the appropriate access rights).The correct print driver automatically loads, and you may send the print request to the printer.

For additional information and access this utility, please visit the college's intranet page on April 14. If you have any questions or problems with the new printer utility, contact the Help Desk at ext. 5050 for assistance.