January 19, 2006

Dr Johnnetta Betsch Cole
Program celebrates a community of heroes and sheroes

Everyone shares the responsibility to make our communities "far more safe, far more just, and far more joyous to live in" by making leaders out of ourselves and each other.

Dr. Cole with Barbara Nicholson, Executive Director of the King Arts Complex.
That was the message from Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole, president of Bennett College for Women, who addressed Columbus State as the keynote speaker at the 16 th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration on January 12.

Cole delivered an impassioned speech in which she said, "If King were alive today, he would want to be thought of in the line of history and her-story, a line of heroes and sheroes." One of those sheroes, Rosa Parks, taught us that, "One person, one single sole, can make a subsequent difference and spark a fundamental change in the world."

She concluded by saying, "To build the beloved community, we need to educate, legislate, and where necessary, in a non-violent way, agitate" to make things happen.

Pictured at the celebration, are, from left: Mark Hampton II, Niki Hampton, Barbara Smith-Allen, Dr. Cole, Dr. Moeller, Robyn Price, Matt Lester, Dr. Alphonso Simmons



OLN offering online teaching technology seminars

The Ohio Learning Network is offering TeachU seminars, a series of free, hour-long interactive Web presentations on emerging technologies and pedagogies used in teaching, assessment, and student success.

Each seminar is delivered live using online audio and video/image presentation technology, allowing participants to interact with the presenter and other participants through a Web browser.

The facilitator and presenter will discuss the topic and respond to questions submitted by seminar participants in an online meeting room. The format includes guests doing an initial presentation using PowerPoint slides, Web tours, or other online resources, and then engaging in dialogue with the facilitator and online participants.

Upcoming TeachU online seminars include:

  • February 14, 1-2 p.m.: Competency Expectations: E-Portfolios Lead Us Where We Need to Be
  • February 21, 1-2 p.m.: Student Success Skills Integration
  • March 23, 1-2 p.m.: Chunking Learning: The Why and How of Successful Modularization
  • April 26, 10-11 a.m.: Podcasting
  • June 20, 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Ohio OSPILOT (with an emphasis on e-portfolios)
  • July 11, 1-2 p.m.: Succeeding with ADA: Resources for You

For more information on the seminars or to register, go to http://www.teachuohio.org/.


Spring Street seeks submissions

Columbus State's annual art and literary magazine Spring Street is seeking submissions for this year's publication. Poetry, photographs, fiction and non-fiction works are sought. While not every piece submitted will be published in the magazine, all entries are reviewed by the 2006 staff.

"Submit and submit early," says Shawna Hammond, staff member of the 2006 edition. " Spring Street is only as good as the submissions it receives."

Submission forms are available in Nestor Hall Room 420 and at the main desk of the ERC. Submission forms and the works can be dropped off at these locations. An online submission form is coming soon.

For further information, contact Steve Abbott at ext. 5096 or sabot@cscc.edu.


Eschenbrenner, Giese earn college degrees

Columbus State employees Charley Eschenbrenner and Lynn Giese received their degrees during their university's fall quarter graduation ceremony.

Eschenbrenner, information representative in the Telephone Information Center, earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Franklin University. She is now pursuing her Master of Business Administration at Franklin.

Giese, tutorial program coordinator in Development Education, earned his Master of Science in Administration with a focus on information resource management from Central Michigan University.


LaForrest earns REM certification

Alan LaForrest, special projects coordinator in Physical Plant, earned certification as a Registered Environmental Manager from the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

To earn his credentials, LaForrest passed a comprehensive written exam covering laws and industry standards, provided detailed documentation of his environmental education and training, provided proof of years of satisfactory environmental work experience, and underwent a comprehensive background check.


B& I offers leadership training

A Performance Leaders Certificate program is being offered through Columbus State's Business and Industry Training Services Department.  

Track 1 of this training, Personal Leadership, will be held for three consecutive Fridays beginning March 3 and ending March 17. This 3-day class will teach attendees the interpersonal skills necessary to be a successful manager.   

To attend this class or seek additional information, please contact Jeff Spain at ext. 5076.


Aviation students get help paying for certification tests

Sixteen students of Columbus State's Aviation Maintenance Technology were awarded Testing Scholarships by the Central Ohio Professional Aviation Maintenance Association. The scholarship pays for the students' nine FAA Certification Tests--three written exams, three oral examinations, and three practical exams--which cost $700.

The awardees were Perry Chappano, Josh Kotalic, Jeremy McMullen, Chris Sherard, James Van Dyke, Mark Zimmerman, Dan Gillespie, Charles Lawerence, Jason Newton, Tim Sholl, Mark Volz, Robert Kesterson, Zach Ludi, Joe Rayburn, Troy Tector, and Sean Wise.

Students receiving scholarships from The Central Ohio Professional Aviation Maintenance Association are, from left, Jeremy McMullen, Josh Kotalic, Charlie Lawrence, Sean Wise, Chris Sherard, Jim VanDyke, Tim Sholl, Robert Ketserson, Joe Rayburn, and Dan Gillespie.


Update is now searchable

The Update newsletter is now searchable. You can access the search by going to the Update home page at http://www.cscc.edu/update and clicking "Back Issues," or you can visit the link directly at http://www.cscc.edu/update/archive.htm. Update can be searched by back issue date or by a key word.


IRS decreases mileage rate

Columbus State's travel procedure 9-06(A) ties mileage reimbursement rates to the Internal Revenue Service guidelines. The IRS recently announced a decrease to the mileage rates because gas prices have dropped. Effective January 1, the rate decreased from 48.5 cents to 44.5 cents a mile for all business miles driven.

Travel forms are available on the intranet and will be updated to reflect the new rates. Reimbursement forms that are in-transit will have the mileage rate adjusted by the Travel Office for travel that occurs on or after January 1.

Questions regarding the new rates should be addressed to Betty Sugar in the Travel Office at ext 2421.