Returns all tags that have been created in the site, shows whether the tag has been disabled, and lists if the tag has any children (which means it's a collection).

Name="android", Disabled=false,
Name="warning-alert", Disabled=false,
Name="info-alert", Disabled=false,
Name="emergency-alert", Disabled=false,
Name="compact", Disabled=false,
Name="grants", Disabled=false,
Name="communications", Disabled=false,
Name="athletics", Disabled=false,
Name="advising", Disabled=false,
Name="giving", Disabled=false,
Name="employment", Disabled=false,
Name="doing-business", Disabled=false,
Name="2017", Disabled=false,
Name="news", Disabled=false,
Name="news-tags", Disabled=false, This tag is a collection. Children=3
Name="news-campus", Disabled=false,
Name="news-employee", Disabled=false,
Name="news-student", Disabled=false,
Name="press-release", Disabled=false,
Name="faculty", Disabled=false,
Name="library", Disabled=false,
Name="top-level", Disabled=false, This tag is a collection. Children=5
Name="affordability", Disabled=false,
Name="about", Disabled=false,
Name="diversity", Disabled=false,
Name="apple", Disabled=false,
Name="certificate", Disabled=false,
Name="degree", Disabled=false,
Name="business", Disabled=false,
Name="medical", Disabled=false,
Name="social-services", Disabled=false,
Name="accounting", Disabled=false,
Name="science", Disabled=false,
Name="STEM", Disabled=false,
Name="financial-aid", Disabled=false,
Name="services", Disabled=false,
Name="landing-pages", Disabled=false,
Name="campus-life", Disabled=false,
Name="about-us", Disabled=false,
Name="accordian", Disabled=false,
Name="Home", Disabled=false,
Name="admissions", Disabled=false,
Name="academics", Disabled=false,
Name="php", Disabled=false,
Name="cdc", Disabled=false,
Name="golf", Disabled=false,
Name="childcare development center", Disabled=false,
Name="coc", Disabled=false,
Name="Careers", Disabled=false,
Name="basketball", Disabled=false,
Name="community", Disabled=false,
Name="cewd", Disabled=false,
Name="widget", Disabled=false,
Name="help", Disabled=false,
Name="student news", Disabled=false,
Name="press", Disabled=false,
Name="social media", Disabled=false,
Name="counter", Disabled=false,
Name="volleyball", Disabled=false,
Name="buttons", Disabled=false,
Name="enrolled", Disabled=false,
Name="programs", Disabled=false,
Name="RSS", Disabled=false,
Name="cheerleading", Disabled=false,
Name="cstv", Disabled=false,

GetTags and GetCombinedTags

GetTags returns the tags that have been manually applied to a particular page. GetCombinedTags returns a list of all manually-applied tags and any fixed tags applied to the page at the directory level.

You are viewing the tags that have been applied to Employee/communications/index.pcf.


Returns the list of fixed tags that have been applied to a particular directory.

You are viewing the fixed tags of /communications.

Name="communications", Disabled=false,


Returns any collections that this tag belongs to.

You are viewing the parents of: academics.

Name="top-level", Disabled=false, This tag is a collection. Children=5


Returns the tags that comprise the selected collection.

You are viewing the children of: top-level.

Name="campus-life", Disabled=false,
Name="about-us", Disabled=false,
Name="admissions", Disabled=false,
Name="affordability", Disabled=false,
Name="academics", Disabled=false,


Returns any file that contains one or more of the listed tags.

You are searching with these tags: communications,android.



For Faculty

Doing Business


Returns any file that contains all of the listed tags.

You are searching with these tags: communications,android

For Faculty

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