District 7 Science Day

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2024 Science Day will be March 16th.

Jan 16 -- Deadline to create or re-activate your ProjectBoard account.

Feb 26 -- Deadline to complete registration of your project on Project Board.

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Quick Guide

TEACHERS: NEW Please follow the link below to register. You will need to create a "class" so you can provide a class code to your students. Students will need this code in order to create or reactivate their ProgectBoard account by the Jan 16 deadline.

Consult the District Science Day instructions and detailed video instructions at the links below, then follow the "Resgistration" link to access ProjectBoard.

STUDENTS: NEW Follow the instructions at the links below to create or re-activate your ProjectBoard account by the Jan 16 deadline. Then complete your project registration on ProjectBoard by the Feb 26 deadline.

The District Science Day link provides brief instructions that are supplemented with details in the videos at the Videos link.

After carefully reviewing all the instructions be sure to complete the registration of your project at the link below before the February 26 deadline. Use the Registration link to connect to ProjectBoard.

Make your project great and find all the details by consulting the "Standards" link.

JUDGES: we need you more than ever!

For more information, visit our Judges' page:

The link below will take you to the Judges' Registration page. THANK YOU!!

RESEARCH: Use our Resources page to research your project or just to read up on the latest science news: