Prohibited Items

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Each of our Test Vendors have specific guidelines on prohibited personal items a test candidate may have in the testing room. This is to insure test security and fairness in all test administration. There is a large general list of Prohibited Items that are common to most Test Vendor protocol that the Testing Center will enforce unless explicitly permitted in the Vendor Program/Candidate Information Bulletins. The candidate will be asked to place all below items in the lockable locker provided them. The candidate is to have their ID with them in the Testing Room and at all times.

  • Cell phone to be powered off.
  • Coats, jackets (outerwear).
  • Blackberries, all electronic devices, cameras.
  • Bags, backpacks, fanny packs purses, handbags.
  • Books, pamphlets, dictionaries, notes.
  • Briefcases.
  • Calculator watches and watch alarms.
  • Digital watches.
  • Food and beverages.
  • Highlighter pens or mechanical pencils.
  • Any form of tobacco product, alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs.
  • Hats, hoods, or other headgear

Head coverings (headgear) worn for religious or cultural purposes are allowed in the testing room unless the Vendor/Client specifically prohibits it.

If a candidate refuses to comply with the Prohibited Items request, the Testing Specialist is to NOT complete the progress of candidate admission/testing, dismiss the candidate from the Test Center and complete Vendor Incident Report.

Rule of Thumb: The testing candidate can only take into the Testing Room what the Testing Specialist provides him/her.

Children are not allowed in the Testing Room and/or Testing Center Reception Area.