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Assessments and Talent Acquisition – Solutions to evaluate, hire, and develop the right people

PAN, a division of TALX, is a leading provider of talent assessment and technology solutions for corporate and government clients worldwide. PAN helps clients select and grow employees through extensive assessments, robust technology solutions, talent measurement services and proctored testing services. PAN helps organizations through their entire talent management needs including employee selection, development and selection planning creating results that reduce turnover, improve employee performance, identify and grow leaders, and streamline the recruitment process.

PAN offers a state-of-the-art proctored exam delivery system designed for the reliability and efficiency required for the supervised administration of high-stakes assessment for:

  • Pre-employment selection.
  • Career and promotional development screening.
  • Licensure and certification.
  • Entrance examinations.
  • Training assessment.

PAN Client Assessments offered at this Testing Center include:

  • FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations).
  • GPO (Government Printing Office).
  • CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection).
  • IDC (Institute for Diversity Certification).
  • ISOS (Indiana Secretary of State Securities Division).
  • JC Penney.
  • Jones/NCTI (Satellite Installer and Technician Certifications).
  • Qwest/Century Link Communications.
  • TSA (Transportation Security Administration).
  • USPS (United States Postal Service).
  • Verizon, Safeway SMPI, Safeway Leadership Program, AmeriSave, Caesars Entertainment, Payless, and Psych Associates.

Organization Inquiry and/or Candidate Registration

Organizations and individuals should visit, or contact at 1-877-449-8378, or E-mail at