GED Preparation Program

Students speak about their GED Preparation experience.

The GED Preparation Program is a great way to get your graduate equivalency, or just brush up on your skills. Students receive structured, proven training from trained instructors. But don't just take our word for it ...


GED Participant  
GED Participant

Christina Sheppard

Why CSCC: This was where I wanted to get my degree

Strengths of program: Columbus State’s program is the best because it has given me the confidence I needed to move forward. They give their students one-on-one time I wouldn’t be going across the street if it wasn’t for the way you guys are set up. They have amazing people who will make you feel like they care and they want you to succeed.

Did it make a difference? It has made a difference in how I feel about myself and the way I write and speak. My goals are for more school and I love it because of this program.

Plans: I planned on going to college and that’s where I am now, thanks to this program.


Tameka Freeman

Why CSCC: This would help me get use to being on a college campus

Strengths of program: The people I have met (Jean Gobel and Doug House) Without these people I don’t think that I would have been able to make it and get my GED

Did it make a difference? This program is the best because it has made a big difference in my life. I have gained confidence that wasn’t there before; I never thought that I would be on a college campus. This program made me feel like I belonged on the campus. I am ready for college and I am ready to finally reach my goals in life

Plans: Degrees in business and early childhood development To be the best I can be.

GED Participant  
GED Participant

Sharon Dawson

Why CSCC: The instructors are good at teaching and preparing students for the GED test.

Strengths of program: (This program) has made me realize that I can achieve my goals in life. It has also opened my mind to other courses I can take to enrich my life

Plans: Go to school for network administration.



Why CSCC: The instructors are good at teaching and preparing students for the GED test.

Did it make a difference? Yes, this program gives you the will power to want to do something with your life. It has encouraged me to want to go to college.

Strengths of program:
Teacher who are willing to sit down and really help you

Plans: Go to CSCC

GED Participant   GED Participant

Atul Sharma

Why CSCC: The teachers are very helpful. Also nice and willing to stay a bit longer to help

Strengths of program: Never discriminate or treat you different because of your age or education capability

Did it make a difference? Wonderful teachers help you get through the biggest educational obstacles

Plans: Go to college for business law.


Chiang Yang

Why CSCC: I will be taking classes at CSCC

Strengths of program: The teachers are passionate and patient. They made me feel comfortable and motivated.

Did it make a difference? Now I know I’m only a few more steps from achieving my dream career

Plans: Become a massage therapist specializing in prenatal and post natal clients.

GED Participant   GED Participant

Arthur Owens

Strengths of program:The pace allows you to correct any problems you may have had. The class gives a good feeling of being part of a group

Did it make a difference? I am now more encouraged to continue learning.

Plans: Go to college


Mike Willis

Why CSCC: The teaching was great and very helpful.

Did it make a difference? It made my feelings about school a lot better, helped me feel like my goals will be completed sooner.

Plans: Attend college here at CSCC