June 15, 2006

First conference held in Center for Workforce Development

The Ohio Growth Summit, hosted by Columbus State's Small Business Development Center, was the first ever conference held in the Center for Workforce Development's fourth floor conference center. The Summit, held Tuesday, June 13, brought together business leaders from across the state to discuss business growth and success.


New surplus policy and procedures take effect

A new surplus property policy (9-08) and procedures (9-08 B), approved by shared governance, President Moeller and the Board of Trustees, went into effect June 1.

Some of the highlights of the new policy and procedures include greater accountability, increased flexibility in disposal methods, and simpler, easier-to-understand language.

The new policy and procedures cover the disposal of items purchased with funds held by the college, including grants, contracts and federal funds, and donations. They also address the disposal of textbooks, library materials, hazardous materials, artifacts, and equipment.

The new procedures allow the college to partner with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services Surplus Program to dispose of property, thereby reducing the need for on-campus storage facilities.

The new policy and procedures can be found on the intranet under campus resources, and the new related forms can be found on the intranet under forms/purchasing forms.

The administrative ownership of surplus property is with Purchasing with the exception of IT-related items, which are handled by IT-Asset Management.

Questions regarding non-IT related items should be addressed to Brad Farmer at ext. 2641. Questions regarding IT-related items should be addressed to Steve Wolfinger at ext. 2492.


Columbus State recycling program expands

Thanks to efforts by Physical Plant and Student Government, the newest additions to Columbus State's recycling efforts are two paper recycling dumpsters. One dumpster will be placed next to the cardboard recycling dumpster currently located behind Union Hall. The other will be located on the west side of Cleveland Avenue at the EMS Building, 375 N. Grant.

Items acceptable to place in the new dumpsters include magazines, catalogs, newspapers, office and school papers, and mail. Items not welcome in these particular dumpsters are plastic, glass, metal, or regular mixed trash.

According to Physical Plant:

  • Every day Americans buy 62 million newspapers, and 44 million of them are thrown into the regular trash.
  • Each year we recycle enough paper to make a boxcar train 7,600 miles long.
  • One ton of recycled paper used to make newsprint saves 390 gallons of oil, 4,100 kw hours of electricity, 7,000 gallons of water, and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.

If you need help transporting your paper, give Physical Plant a call at the work order desk at ext 5444.