June 12, 2006

Harvard official helps college explore ways to go green

Leith Sharp, director of the Harvard Green Campus Initiative, visited with Columbus State staff and cabinet members and the Delaware Planning Committee on May 31 to discuss sustainability and best practices for higher education institutions.

From left, George Arnold, assistant director of planning and construction, Meera Parthasarathy, President Moeller, Leith Sharp, John Petersen, and Paul Goggin, interim director of facilities services, spend a few moments together after Sharp's sustainability discussion.

Sharp established the Harvard Green Campus Initiative in March 2000 and co-instructs the Harvard Extension School course "Sustainability - The Challenge of Changing Our Institutions." She has partnered with universities for the past 10 years to help them pursue environmental sustainability.

Harvard's initiative encompasses an interfaculty organization working to address the real life challenges of achieving campus environmental sustainability within Harvard University. Through working, advisory, and steering groups, the organization supports staff, students and faculty by addressing campus sustainability through the management of building design, construction, renovation, procurement, landscape, energy, water, waste, emissions, transportation, human health and productivity.

Sharp, in town as part of the Columbus Green Building Forums' conference, "Sustainability in Campus Design: Greening our Universities and Colleges," came to Columbus State to share Harvard's experience with financing and accounting for campus sustainability, and how to achieve cost-effective green building design and operations. She also discussed behavioral change, how to build learning capacities, and how to foster organizational change.

Joining Sharp at the seminar and Columbus State's luncheon was John Petersen, associate professor of Environmental Studies and Biology at Oberlin College. Petersen discussed his award-winning real-time, floor-by-floor feedback system that allows students in two different halls to regularly monitor their use of electricity and water. His project won a $75,000 award in the Environmental Protection Agency's P3 Student Design Competition.

The Columbus Green Building Forum, founded by Columbus State's own Meera Parthasarathy, adjunct faculty in Construction Sciences, is dedicated to promoting energy-efficient and environment-friendly building practices in central Ohio. The Forum provides education to the building industry and participates in projects to create awareness in the general public. It is central Ohio's leader in providing educational opportunities to advance the principles and practices of sustainability.

In connection with the Forum, Parthasarathy is helping Columbus State develop online courses and a certificate program in environmental sustainability.

The May 31 luncheon was sponsored by the Columbus State Development Foundation, with Kate Harkin, coordinator in Human Capacity Development, serving as the liaison between the Columbus Green Building Forum and Columbus State.

For more information on the Harvard Green Campus Initiative, visit www.greencampus.harvard.edu.

For more information on the Columbus Green Building Forum, visit http://www.cgbf.org.


Gathering scheduled for Conner's farewell

On Monday, June 19 from 1-3 p.m. in Madison Hall Room 103, Columbus State will have the opportunity to wish a happy retirement to Ken Conner, dean of Enrollment Services. Everyone is welcome to wish him well and thank him for his five years of service to the college and 44 total years of service to education spanning three states.

For more information, contact Diane James in Enrollment Services at ext. 5722.


Spring Quarter graduation memories


Lifestyle Communities Pavilion offering discounted tickets

Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, formerly Promowest, is offering Columbus State employees a $10 discount on tickets to see Elvis Costello, Rob Thomas, Hit Me 80s, Alice Cooper, Big & Rich, and Styx.

In order to receive the discount, follow the links below:

After going to the links above, to receive the specially-priced tickets, follow the instructions below. The instructions and password are also on the right hand side of the web site.

  1. Click on "Find Tickets."
  2. Look for a box marked "Friends of Promowest Productions offer."
  3. Type in your password, which can be found in the box below the instructions on the web site.
  4. Click on "Look for Tickets."
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your ticket purchase.