Monday, August 25, 2008

Lavon Sumption
Lavon Sumption

Adjunct completes quest to play golf in 50 states

Biological and Physical Sciences adjunct Lavon Sumption, 79, never uses the “R” word when people ask him about his plans.

“Saying that you’re retired is like putting both feet on a banana peel,” he laughs.  “Everything could slip out from under you!” 

Sumption taught for 24 years at the University of
Nebraska, where he is a professor emeritus. He then moved to Arizona in 1995, then Columbus in 2003. 

All the while, he has been an avid golfer, to say the least.  “On a rainy day in 1988, while reviewing my scorecards from all the courses I’d played, I was surprised to find I’d played 95 courses in Nebraska,” recalled Sumption.

“The Nebraska Golf Association listed 170 courses.  Surprisingly, Nebraska had more golf holes per capita than any other state! I decided to play them all. That initiated my ‘Nebraska Quest.’”  He completed it in 1995.

Sumption then proceeded to invent numerous additional “quests,” including playing in every Arizona town that had a course (90), a major tournament quest (he’s played them all except Augusta National), and the just-completed All States Quest. Sumption has also played golf in 9 countries, the U.S., Argentina, Canada, France, Grand Bahamas, Kenya, Jamaica, Nigeria and United Kingdom. 

Sumption and friends
After completing his quest to play golf in all 50 states, Lavon Sumption poses with new friends the Rusch’s August 1 on the Eagle Glen course in Anchorage, Alaska.

On August 1, he completed his All States Quest by playing at Alaska’s O’Malley’s Anchorage Golf Course and Eagle Glen Golf Club.  His scorecard collection has expanded from a crumpled shoebox to fill nine albums.

Sumption claims he has no new quests at the moment, although he’s played every Ohio golf course within 40 miles of his Hilliard home (93).  He’s shot one hole-in-one, and shot his age in 2003, 2004 and 2006.  He serves as the ranger/starter at the Golf Club of Dublin and teaches Biology 100 here at Columbus State.  

As for his remaining goal to play Augusta National? Although he claims to have given up his quest to play that exclusive Georgia home of the Masters Tournament, it would surprise no one if he ends up strolling around “Amen Corner” toward the “Eisenhower Pine” sometime in the very near future!

Leadership Institute to hold fall retreat Oct. 8-10The following 25 employees have been selected to attend the 2008 - 2009 Leadership Institute. The 2008/2009 Institute will begin with a retreat October 8-10 at Cherry Valley Lodge.

Brad Farmer
Paul Smith
Jackie Stewart
Michelle Bernett
Tracy Sowards
Steven Zelenka
Lisa Davis

Suzanne May
Connie Clark
Eric Welch
Jorge Vallejo
Diane Fidelibus
Daniel McDonald
Patrick Fiorelli

Melanie Adams
Sandra Arrighi
Jack Cooley
Shawn Ferguson
Sean Asbury
Nancy Case
Andy Laux

Jill Anderson
George Chatters
Marsha Phillips
Barbara Jackson

Excavation under Delaware Hall reveals bits of history

old aerial view
In a campus photo taken in the late 60s when only four buildings comprised the CTI campus, Mt. Vernon Avenue and Grove Street are seen lined with residences and some businesses.

old bookstore
The original bookstore was first opened in 1977 upon the completion of Delaware Hall.

As the construction and renovation proceeds in the lower level of Delaware Hall, some small pieces of history are slowly being revealed.  Eric McMillon, project manager in Facilities Planning, reports that old foundations from former residences that lined Grove Street are now being unearthed as the floor of the old Bookstore is excavated. 

Delaware Hall was completed in 1976, long after homes and some businesses had been demolished along Grove Street, Washington Avenue and Mt. Vernon Avenue. The three city streets had cut right through where the campus now stands. 

The lower levels of Delaware Hall are currently under construction to renovate the space occupied by the Bookstore to accommodate new offices for Public Safety and new fitness and recreation facilities. The project is expected to be completed in 2009.

exposed bricks
While digging underneath the floor of the Bookstore in Delaware Hall, construction workers began to unearth foundation work from the original residences along Grove Street.