Monday, March 5, 2007

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner congratulates 2007 Outstanding Women Students

At the Outstanding Women Student   Leaders awards ceremony March 1 are, from left: Janine Manuel, Davina Adams, Provost Kay Adkins, Sichu Mali, President Moeller, Linda Mason, Brittany Browne, Deborah Adkins, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Lakeesha Cunningham, Christine Drake, Jesse Jones and Beth Rocker.

Ohio's first elected female Secretary of State helped Columbus State honor 10 outstanding female students March 1.

The college's Outstanding Woman Student Leader Awards honor 10 women every year as part of Women's History Month. This year's honorees put up distinguished academic records while juggling jobs, kids, volunteer activities, or overcoming adversity.

Jennifer Brunner, who was elected Secretary of State in November, delivered the keynote address for the college's Outstanding Woman Student Leader Awards. Brunner urged the honorees to focus on public service and helping others. One key is learning to rely on those around you.

"Become leaders, lead by example and by action, and see what can be done by working together," Brunner said.

The ten honorees include:
Davina Adams is a member of Columbus State's Student Ambassador Program and the Student Government Association, and she volunteers for the Epilepsy Foundation and organizations that raise awareness of child violence and abuse.

Deborah Adkins overcame a severe skull fracture and a devastating stroke that left her unable to read, write or walk. She's been awarded a Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship to Harvard University, where she will begin work this fall toward her pre-med degree.

Brittany L. Browne is active in Women for the Movement and Street Soldiers, two local groups that address issues of gangs, violence, and alcoholism.

LaKeesha Cunningham is a Student Ambassador and a 3.8 GPA nursing student who hopes to become a pediatrician.

Christine Drake has juggled school, three children with learning disabilities, and two or more jobs simultaneously--all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Jesse Jones is Columbus State's current Student Government Association President who works as a page in the office of State Senator Steve Stivers and was recently accepted into the United States Model House of Representatives.

Janine Manuel returned to Columbus State at the age of 52 and worried that she'd have trouble fitting in with younger students on campus. After taking a few classes, her nominator described her as "the type of student that every instructor dreams of having in their classroom."

Linda Mason was diagnosed some years ago with Bipolar Disorder and says she has worked hard to overcome it. She has initiated several student clubs, was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa and developed a Capstone class in Latin.

Sichu Mali, originally from Nepal, had to overcome gender discrimination and discouragement from some family members who thought she should not attend college. With the support of her parents and brother in 2005, Mali traveled alone at the age of 17 to the United States to attend college at Columbus State.

Beth Rocker was in the eighth grade when her life was turned upside down by her mother's murder. She hopes to earn a Ph.D. in childhood trauma and resiliency, to publish her autobiography, "A Child's Voice," and to start a nonprofit foundation for children.

Enhancing computer lab access for Columbus State applicantsIn an effort to enhance computer lab access for Columbus State applicants and help protect limited computer lab resources for use by our registered and paying students, Columbus State is implementing a program that provides limited but essential computer access for people who have applied to the college but who have not yet registered for classes.

Starting immediately, all applicant accounts will have access to .edu, or .gov sites and some specific .org and .net sites. Applicant accounts will not have access to desktop applications or open browsing. The intent is to provide easy access for applicants who wish to register for classes using Columbus State labs but to protect open computing resources for use by registered students.

Grade entry for winter quarter 2007 coming upThe deadline for winter quarter grade entry is Saturday, March 17, at 11p.m.

The IT Support Center will be available for assistance during finals weeks:
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During the break (March 19-23) IT Support Center office hours will be 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. The center is in the ERC (Columbus Hall, lower level). Contact the IT Support Center at ext.5050.

ATip for Grade Entry
If you're entering grades for your class and find the system is running slow or the grades are not completely entered after you hit submit, try the following: Instead of entering the entire class at one time, try entering them in increments of no more than 10. By doing this you are less likely to get timed out.

Quick Fixes of the Week

What is a Quick Fix?
Quick Fixes are those things that employees agree are pressing issues and that can be done right now.  These are smaller, operational issues that can be accomplished quickly with minimal resources, yet yield noticeable improvements. For a complete list see the AQIP Web site under the Quick Fixes link at

Quick Fix requested : "Develop a web page to allow students to access student related services (Cougarweb, email, home directories, Blackboard, etc.)"

Response: Such services are already available at the college through the "Student Quick Links" drop down on the home page." Institutional Advancement

Quick Fix requested: "Get rid of old forms on the web."

Response:   "This process is under way, as the entire Web site is being updated." Institutional Advancement

AQIP Team to take Action Projects for feedback
The 12-member AQIP team is attending the Strategy Forum in Lisle, Illinois this week. While there the team will receive feedback on Columbus State's Action Projects. Some of the sessions will focus on such questions as "What makes a Good Action Project," "Clarifying Action Projects," and "Internal Stakeholder Needs." Still other sessions will focus on questions such as "How does our Organization Learn and Improve?" and "Visioning our Future." When the teams return they will be sharing the feedback they received at In-Service Day, April 27.