Thursday, February 1, 2007

View "Return of the Thundering Herd" Feb.6In anticipation of the Feb. 7 speech by Reggie Oliver, quarterback of the Marshall University Football Team in the early 70s, campus is invited to watch the film "Return of the Thundering Herd," showing all day on Tuesday, Feb. 6, in Nestor Hall Student Lounge. This inspirational documentary about the school's tenacious spirit delves into the uplifting story that served as the basis for the film "We Are Marshall," still in theaters. Oliver will speak at 11:30 a.m. in the Nestor Hall Auditorium on Wednesday, Feb. 7. The presentation is free and open to the public.



ERC Gallery North opensThe Educational Resources Center (ERC) is proud to announce the opening of the ERC Gallery North.   Located on Level 1 of the ERC, this gallery has been opened due to the increased interest by local artists to display their works on the Columbus State campus.   Opening this gallery is the artist Kifle Churenet.   Originally from Ethiopia, Mr. Churenet's works are done primarily on parchment paper.   Others are done on hard canvas with oils.  This exhibit will be on display until March 2.   Please stop by during any hours the ERC is open and view this exhibit.   The ERC is located in Columbus Hall.

Crucifixion and Resurrection, by Kifle Churenet

Volunteers needed for Central District Science DayColumbus State will host the Ohio Academy of Sciences Central District Science Day on Saturday, March 17. Approximately 500 students from local area middle and high schools will present their science projects in hopes of advancing to the state competition in May. Volunteers are needed to judge these projects and to assist in the smooth operation of the activities.

Judges will be needed from 8 a.m. to approximately 12:30 p.m. If you have never judged before, don't worry. An orientation session will assist you. All judging is done in pairs and inexperienced judges will be paired with experienced judges.

Additional volunteers are needed to assure smooth operations during the event. Times of service will vary. Volunteers help students find their display sites, assist in registration, tally up the scores, assist the judges by collecting score cards, and acting as hall monitors to maintain order and security.   There is a volunteer job for every person regardless of science training!

This is an excellent community service opportunity so please come and make it a success.

If you would like more information about this event or if you want to volunteer as a judge or in any other capacity, please contact John Blaha in Nestor Hall 495, call ext. 5930, or email

Understanding the impact of Daylight Savings Time on your computerAs many of you are aware an energy bill was passed in Congress that changes the date when Daylight Savings Time becomes effective in 2007.   This change will have an effect on systems which are programmed to automatically change times based on the old dates.

Short story:
Electronic devices displaying appointments occurring between March 11 and March 31 could be off by one hour and you might arrive one hour late.   You should make a note to verify your appointment times between those dates.

Long story:
Popular email systems including; Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, and GroupWise may not have the correct start and end times for meetings. This will be true if the meetings were scheduled to occur between the dates March 11 and March 31, and if the appointments were created prior to the installation of a "non critical" Microsoft XP OS patch which compensates for the new change.  

Please Note:
Most of our 3,000 campus PCs have this patch; however, our patch consoles indicate there are still some that do not.   We are working to identify specific un-patched computers at CSCC.    This is a time zone issue and impacts all electronic scheduling devices in all organizations.  

An easy test to see if you have the patch can be done by clicking on the clock and changing your system date to any date between March 11 and 31... click apply... if the time zone directly below the clock changes to "Eastern Daylight Time" you are patched.   If it remains "Eastern Standard Time" you are not patched.

You can do the same test on your home PC as well.   If you discover your computer at home is not patched, follow the Windows Update link in browser, chose the "custom" update option and click the link for daylight savings update.

Change your date back to the correct date when you're done with the test.

If you discover that your computer is not patched, please give the Help Desk a call at 5050 and we can assist applying the patch.

Let any baseball players know...The Columbus State Baseball Team will be conducting open tryouts on Sunday, February 11, from 5-7 p.m. at Field Sports which is located at Sports Ohio. Tennis shoes or soft spike shoes are required and bring your own equipment. If a student has any questions, they may contact Coach Hausler at (614) 554-3731.

Sports Ohio is located on Cosgray Road on the northwest side of Columbus off of Rt. 33 heading north towards Marysville from I-270. The phone number for Sports Ohio is (614) 791-7849.

Logistics seminar to be offeredA seminar by nationally recognized transportation expert Marc Blubaugh co-sponsored by the College's ProjectEAGLE federal grant and the Integrated Media Department, will be offered Feb. 9 at Columbus State. Registration for college credit must be done no later than Wednesday, February 7. However, walk-ins the morning of the event are welcome with check or credit card.

For more information on this seminar, please contact:
Bud Cohan, Assistant Director of ProjectEAGLE, 3634 (
Lee Blyth, SCM Coordinator, 5175 (
Mary Vaughn, Chair of Integrated Media & Technology, 2552 ( ErinBeth Dower Charron, Integrated Media & Technology, 5010 (

AQIP Quick Fixes of the WeekWhat is a Quick Fix?
Quick Fixes are those things that employees agree are pressing issues and that can be done right now.  These are smaller, operational issues that can be accomplished quickly with minimal resources, yet yield noticeable improvements.

Quick Fixes of the Week:

  • Cleaned drain in front of Madison Hall West door- Physical Plant
  • Vacuumed Delaware Hall 202 carpet- Physical Plant
  • Post a daily event/change/updates calendar- Information Technology

For a complete list see the AQIP website under the Quick Fixes link at