Monday, December 11, 2006

When the weather outside is frightful . . .
The Physical Plant Department is ready for the snow and ice, but they need your help to make campus safe. Here are some tips to help keep you safe this winter:

When the "Ice Melt" (a product used on sidewalks and stairs) and water mix, it can create a very slippery floor surface inside the doors of the buildings. Please take care when walking on any wet floors in the buildings. Use the walk-off mats when available. Also, please use handrails when using stairs either outside or inside the buildings.

When the "Ice Melt" (a product used on sidewalks and stairs) and water mix, it can create a very slippery floor surface inside the doors of buildings.

On days when we have snow, please do not try to park on campus before 6:30 a.m., because that may impede snow-removal. When you arrive, please park in an area that has been cleared and is away from any current plowing operations.

Also, please avoid walking or driving near snow-removal equipment while it is operating on campus. In order to perform our snow removal operations, we use many pieces of equipment, and some can move in many directions.

Thank you and have a very safe holiday.


More departments go live with Web Time Entry

Congratulations to Business and Administrative Services, Student Services, and Off Campus Programs for going live with on-line Web Time Entry. Now, part-time employees in these departments can enter their hours worked on-line instead of completing paper time cards.

Darlene Evans, Annetta Keller, Stacey Mulinex, Sherita Golden, Dave Metz, Brock Porter, Jackie Stewart, Nikki Wright, Ben Williams, Sheila Butler and Yvonne Watson each played a key role in helping reach this goal.

Implementation for all other departments is on schedule and will continue through July 2007. Information materials and training sessions will be provided to all who utilize the new Web Time Entry screens. Supervisors will be contacted by Payroll Specialists to initiate each department's implementation.

In addition to reducing inefficiencies in the manual time card process, the new on-line system will be a great time saver.


Singer-Mahefkey elected trustee of "Downtown Kiwanis"

Misty Singer-Mahefkey has begun serving her first year as an elected trustee of the Kiwanis Club of Columbus. The Club is the largest in Ohio and, now in its 91st year, the fifth oldest club in Kiwanis International. Sometimes referred to as Downtown Kiwanis, the club last year raised and disbursed more than $70,000 to children and the needy of Columbus. The club's president for 2006-2007 is Ken Keller. Two retired Columbus State administrators are also members of the Downtown Kiwanis: Michael Leymaster and Mike Stevenson.


Faculty Phone Fun

Charlie Gallucci, professor in Biological and Physical Sciences, works twice as hard to get pledges for WOSU-TV.   Also pictured are Lisa Schneider , (front) Leslie Smith and Thelma Wurzelbacher. Ten full-time faculty members, three adjunct faculty and one manager teamed up with WOSU-TV by staffing the phone bank for the station's December 5 pledge drive. Participation in the event was coordinated by the Columbus State Education Association. CSEA volunteers took calls that helped raise more than $11,000 for the central Ohio public television station.


Faculty attend nanotechnology conference

Drs. Michael Hailu, Charlie Gallucci, Amine Kidane, John Francis, and Jean Claude Ba attended the Annual Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship--Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (IGERT-NSEC) Symposium December 8, held at Ohio State University. The Columbus State Biological and Physical Sciences Department hopes to soon become more involved in the new and expanding field of nanotechnology. At the symposium, the faculty members attended sessions involving such subjects as "Synthesis of Metal-Oxide-Metal Heterojunction Nanowires for Chemical Sensing, Piezoelectric, and Ferroelectric Functions."