September 12, 2005

Christianne Melo said she enjoyed posing with the American flag at graduation.
Brazilian student graduates on Friday, marries on Saturday

Christianne Pereira Oliveria Melo walked across the stage at Veterans Memorial Friday, and then walked down the aisle on Saturday, with her entire family from Brazil in Columbus for the momentous occasions.  

Christianne earned her associate degree in Graphic Communications September 9 along with 200 of her classmates at the Summer Quarter Commencement held at Vets.   She married her American sweetheart Matthew the next day at Tall Timbers in Reynoldsburg, cementing her bond to Ohio for the future.

Her family--her mother and father, brother and sister-in-law-- flew into Columbus from Floriaopolis, in the state of Santa Katarina in the "way south" of Brazil, to join in both celebrations but they will return to Brazil without Christianne, who has "fallen in love with Columbus" and is looking forward to starting her career and married life here.   Christianne is hoping to find work in the creative department of an advertising agency sometime soon--after she takes a nice honeymoon in Brazil, that is!

Restaurateur challenges graduates to take risks - he did!

Thomas Coffman told the Summer Quarter graduates of
his circuitous path to a career
in restaurant management
Thom Coffman found that his first career as an anesthetist put him to sleep, and being a railroad engineer was the wrong career he risked everything to leave St. Louis and come to Columbus, Ohio, in 1983 to study the restaurant business at Columbus Technical Institute.

After graduating from CTI in 1985, he started his first job making salads at David's of San Francisco, where he earned less in a week than he had previously earned in a single day.

But Coffman persevered, quickly moving up the ranks to become manager of various food service operations, then purchasing his first restaurant, The Round Bar.

He currently owns The Clarmont Restaurant, Columbus' oldest white-tablecloth restaurant, founded in 1946.

Coffman implored the graduates to take risks as he had to fulfill their dreams. And he thanked retired Hospitality Chair Carol Kizer for helping him 22 years ago find his real calling in the restaurant trade.

Summer class valedictorian talks about her "Cosmic Mid-Life Do-Over"

Class valedictorian Marcia Fox accepts her diploma from President Moeller .
Summer Quarter Class Valedictorian Marcia Fox thanked her husband and two children for "putting up with me during finals weeks" as she explained how difficult it was to be a "returning student," coming back to college for a career change. Fox graduated with a perfect 4.0 average in the Landscape Design/Build program.

"The difference in Columbus State is the students - we have more courage than students of other colleges," said Fox. She said the term "returning student" is actually code for "a cosmic midlife do-over."

"We chose to do something more, we chose to be something more," she said.



CSI students to represent Columbus State at DesignColumbus Trade Show

The Columbus State student chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) will be promoting the college and its programs at the Annual DesignColumbus Trade Show on Thursday, September 22, from 1 - 8 p.m. at the Aladdin Shrine, 3850 Stelzer Road.

"This is the chance for Columbus State to check out the construction industry in central Ohio," said Juana Serna, Columbus State construction management major and Trade Show committee chair. She said that across the nation more than 5.5 million new workers will be needed in the industry over the next several years. 

Through the Columbus State Student CSI chapter, students are able to network with local design professionals, contractors, building owners and materials manufacturers and suppliers in the construction industry, as well as have opportunities for professional development, leadership and credentialing.

For more information, contact faculty advisor Dean M. Bortz, CSI, CDT, at extension 5033 or

Alternative Retirement Plan forums scheduled for those with five years of service or less 

As of August 1, 2005, Senate Bill 133 expanded eligibility for alternative retirement plans to all full-time higher education staff employees. Current full-time staff employees with less than five years of service as of August 1, 2005, and current full-time employees hired on or after August 1, 2005, will have an opportunity to elect an alternative retirement plan (ARP) in lieu of a SERS plan.

If you are a new full-time employee or have been employed at the college full-time less than five years as of August 1, 2005, and would like further information on this alternative, please plan on attending one of the forums listed below:

September 14 
11 a.m. - noon or 2-3 p.m
Nestor Hall Seminar D

September 19
11a.m. - noon or 2-3 p.m.
Nestor Hall Seminar D

September 27
11a.m. - noon or 2-3 p.m.
Location to be announced

For more information, contact Irene Bricker, payroll coordinator, at ext. 2422.