July 18, 2005

Lifelong Learning Institute to cosponsor King Arts exhibit

Columbus State's Lifelong Learning Institute will cosponsor a tour and discussion of the King Arts Complex's current exhibit, "Ethnic Images and Stereotypes: Similarities and Differences" Thursday, August 4.

Participants will gather in the Elijah Pierce Gallery for a tour of the exhibit led by one of its curators, Bettye Stull, followed by a discussion of the images on display.  

Drawing from both historical and contemporary times, the objects in the exhibit reflect stereotypes associated with five groups of people--African Americans, Appalachians, Asians, Latinos and Native Americans.

The event is free to members of the King Arts Complex and the Lifelong Learning Institute. Others are welcome to attend for $5. Light refreshments will be available as will a tour of the various performance and exhibit spaces within the complex.

The Lifelong Learning Institute, founded by Columbus State last July, provides educational opportunities such as courses, symposia and special events for mature learners in central Ohio in partnership with arts organizations and senior residence facilities.

For more information about the event, contact Julie Maurer at ext. 2576, or email jmaurer@cscc.edu.

Aviation Maintenance Department promotes program at Don Scott open house

Faculty from the Aviation Maintenance Technology took to the road Saturday to promote their degree program at the annual Aviation Open House held at Ohio State's Don Scott Field. The open house featured free plane rides, hot-air balloon tethered ascents and a chance for aviation-related educational programs to exhibit to hundreds of potential students.

Kaczmarek to write in Dispatch's Create a Classic

Steve Kaczmarek, associate professor in Communication Skills, recently was selected to write the second chapter of Stories of Cuba: The Girl, the Horse, and "Two-Face," part of the "Create a Classic" project sponsored by The Columbus Dispatch.

The Hemingway-esque novel features spies, Fidel Castro and an American innocent searching for answers to a dark family secret. It is one of several online novels in the project . Each first chapter is written by a Dispatch writer, and then selected writers are given four days to write the next chapter in the series. The novels are being published at www.columbusdispatch.com.

"I use the same process for an assignment in my writing fiction class," Steve said. "Writing this chapter was fun, and it was also good for me to get a taste of my own medicine."

Steve also will speak on "Working with Corporate Clients on Writing Projects" and "Writing Textbooks and Supplements" at the 13th Annual Columbus Writers Conference, August 26-27, at the Fawcett Center for Tomorrow (www.creativevista.com). His review of Beyond the Man in the Grey Flannel Suit is forthcoming in the Fall edition of The Ohioana Quarterly.

To read the first chapter of the book Kaczmarek will be working on, go to

Weber wins

Congratulations to Amy Weber, professor in the Nursing Department, for winning a 42-inch plasma television in the Midstate Educators Credit Union giveaway. Weber was pictured in the summer issue of Midstate's newsletter Access.