June 27, 2005

June 2005 Staff Employee of the Month

Karen Payne-Robertson

Site specialist puts the "good" in Goodale

If you've ever walked into the Goodale Center, you've immediately felt welcome as Karen Payne-Robertson, site specialist, greets you with her infectious smile and a warm "hello." Always full of energy, her zest for life comes through in everything she does.

From assigning rooms to assisting with AV requests, answering questions, making special arrangements, and helping with event preparation, she is eager to make everyone's experience at the Goodale Center a pleasant one. With an eye for detail, she handles multiple tasks with a breeze, all while producing high-quality results in an efficient, positive and professional manner despite deadline pressures.

Every day, Payne-Robertson greets and assists a diverse group of students, trainees and participants attending workshops, meetings and classes. Larry Gill, program coordinator of Automotive and Applied technology says, "First impressions are very important, and all visitors to the Electrical Trades Center come away feeling their experience with Columbus State was very beneficial due to their interactions with Karen."

A jack of all trades, Payne-Robertson continuously works in support of the college's mission. While teaching at the Goodale Center, Sue Lape, Ph.D., professor in the Communication Skills Department, observed Payne-Robertson's patience interacting with students. "Her little acts of kindness mean a great deal to students who live busy and complicated lives, and certainly this kind of professional and caring attention has a positive impact on student success and retention. Karen is a helpful, positive and confident colleague who fully supports our teaching mission," Lape says.

According to nominators Susan Norris-Berry, administrator of Off-Campus Programs, and Yvonne Watson, supervisor of Off-Campus Programs, "Karen is undoubtedly the type of person that has potential for great success, both personally and professionally. Her natural abilities combined with her work ethic and ability to evolve academically and socially are a recipe for success."

President Moeller added, "On more than one occasion I have received emails and phone calls telling me of the great service Karen provides at the Goodale Center."

Professor Lape sums up the June employee of the month best when she says, "Karen is one exceptional Columbus State employee."

Val's Book Club to read The World is Flat

In the second meeting of Val's Book Club, the president will join with employees to discuss a bestseller by futurist and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, whose "reporter's curiosity and his ability to recognize the patterns behind the most complex global developments have made him one of the most entertaining and authoritative sources for information about the work we live in," according to reviews on Amazon.com.

The World is Flat explains how the exponential technical advances of the digital revolution have made it possible to do business or almost anything else instantaneously with billions of other people across the planet. "Friedman tells his eye-opening story with the catchy slogans and globe-hopping anecdotes that readers of his earlier books and his New York Times column will know well, and also with a stern sort of optimism. He wants to tell you how exciting this new world is, but he also wants you to know you're going to be trampled if you don't keep up with it," says Tom Nissley, of Amazon.com.

The president's inaugural book club was held in May, with more than 30 employees joining in discussions about the book Good to Great . The second club will meet to discuss The World is Flat on August 31 at noon in Nestor Hall D.

To participate in the discussion of The World Is Flat , contact Vickie Hunter in Institutional Advancement, at vhunter@cscc.edu . Enrollment is limited to the first 20 participants, who will each receive a copy of Friedman's book.

Communication Skills faculty write plays for Irish Theatre Project

Adjunct faculty in the Communication Skills Department Kip Knott and Vivian Lermond will see their scripts come to life on stage this fall in The Irish Theatre Project production Thru a Rearview Mirror, a series of five one-act plays.

Knott's play, "The Irish-Hunky Shuffle," takes a look at the parallels between the luck of the shuffle in a card game and the life lesson of playing out the hand you're dealt.

Lermond's first play is "Seannachie" (Irish for storyteller), which explores the premise that no matter how far you travel, you can never escape the tenacious roots of who you really are. Her second play is "Gillespie's Son," about a swinging senior dad and his soon-to-be divorced son who comes home to roost. This sets the stage for conflict and a comedy of errors that proves kids can't come home again .

The Irish Theatre Project will perform the plays October 14-23 at the Shamrock Club of Columbus, 60 W. Castle Road in Columbus. For more information on The Irish Theatre Project, visit www.daughtersoferin.com.

Host families needed for student exchange program at Columbus State

The office of International Initiatives and Community Outreach is working with The Carl Duisberg Society (CDS) International in New York and the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Cultural Affairs to finalize a German student youth exchange program for Columbus State. The program is funded by Congress and the German Parliament. Plans are being finalized to have a German student begin a one-year program at Columbus State this fall.

In the 1920s, German business executiuve Carl Duisberg envisioned sending German students to the United States on work-study programs. Duisberg was convinced that international practical training was critical to the growth of German industry.

Following World War II, alumni from the first exchanges founded the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft in 1949 to help engineers, business executives and farmers gain international work experience necessary for the rebuilding of Germany. In 1968, the Carl Duisberg Society was founded in New York City as a nonprofit organization to develop more opportunities for Americans to gain international practical training. The name was changed to CDS International in 1987 to reflect the increasingly international nature of the programs. CDS International administers programs with foreign partners and participants in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The "Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals" is a CDS International scholarship program with a strong focus on cultural exchange. It is designed to give participants understanding for everyday life, education and professional training in Germany and the United States. It is intended primarily for young adults in business, technical, vocational and agricultural fields, and 75 Americans and 100 Germans participate in the program each year.

To learn more about an opportunity to become a home host family for this program, please contact Robert Queen at ext.5013 or email rqueen@cscc.edu.

Gallery of campus images now available on Intranet

A night shot of Nestor Hall from the gallery.

The Institutional Advancement Office receives numerous requests for general campus photos for use in PowerPoint presentations, websites, and other electronic publications. To make browsing through the hundreds of images on file a little easier, an Intranet gallery of photos has been placed online. The photos are categorized by type, such as students, campus scenes and buildings. Many more will be added as they become available. The photos are owned by Columbus State and are free for use in the College's electronic publications.

The Intranet can only be accessed from on campus at http://intranet . The photos are low-resolution images, best suited for electronic use such as PowerPoint or the web. For printed publications or reports, the photos are available in a higher resolution format by contacting Paul Rehg at ext. 2411 and asking for a particular image number.