October 20, 2005

President Moeller addresses faculty and staff on the community college's role in providing access.
Access highlights President's In-Service address

Addressing all employees at the Fall In-Service Day general session, President Val Moeller chose to tell a story about the history of community colleges and the core mission of access that runs through that history.

She said that since their beginnings, community colleges have been dedicated to the mission of access - access to college, knowledge and a better life. Since the 1944 GI Bill of Rights, which opened up college as a viable alternative for returning veterans, no matter what their background, community colleges have continued to focus on access while also changing and creating new programs in response to emerging trends and workforce needs.

"There's only one thing that never alters here," she said. "That never-changing force is our mission. And that core mission is access. Not just access to college - but access to a better life."

According to Dr. Moeller, many early community college students who were working, paying for their education and supporting themselves and a family, have now become the backbone of our communities. Many have become leaders in business, the arts, and national service, including: Walt Disney World Resort President Allen Weiss, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Lucy Morgan, comedian Billy Crystal, former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume, and Bonnie Campbell, first director of the Violence Against Women Office in the U.S. Department of Justice.

All are part of America's community college story.

"We are the people who will keep that story alive and real for the 22,000 students now enrolled at Columbus State and for the hundreds of thousands who will follow them," she said. "We keep this story alive for the central Ohio community, the businesses, hospitals, agencies, and others that we serve."

Dr. Moeller said that the college's emphasis on service to students and on great teaching go "hand in hand with the mission of access to a valuable education." She praised faculty and staff for their innovation and dedication to students. "I know the people at this college - and I know we can truly do great things," she said.

"We have helped Columbus State grow and change dramatically over the years, and it's our job to keep this college and its programs fresh and relevant," Dr. Moeller said, listing a number of significant challenges facing Columbus State in the coming months and years. These include:

  • Carefully replacing the college's retiring workforce,
  • Opening two major buildings across Cleveland Avenue during the coming year,
  • Opening a campus in Delaware,
  • Remaining a leader in distance learning,
  • Maintaining fiscal responsibility and sustainability as health care and energy costs negatively impact state budgets,
  • And developing new academic programs to meet the needs of students and the marketplace.

Dr. Moeller said she is optimistic about Columbus State's ability to meet these challenges because of the adaptability and know-how of staff and faculty. She concluded: "We are flexible, we cooperate in teams, we work smartly. We make sure the only thing that never changes is our core mission. We are agents of access. And that is what a community college is all about."


In-Service day highlights

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In-Service Day evaluations online

Now that Fall In-Service Day has concluded, the I-Group would like your feedback on the day's events. If you have thoughts or comments you'd like to share, evaluation forms are available on the In-Service website at http://cscc/inservice/evaluation.asp. If you have questions, contact Carmen Daniels at ext. 5210.

Scholarships totaling more than $50,000 available

The Development Foundation has announced that 61 scholarships for Winter Quarter 2006 and Spring Quarter 2006, totaling $50,950, are available for students. The open application period began October 15 and goes to November 15. Scholarship booklets listing all the scholarships and qualifications are available in Advising and Counseling, the ERC, Financial Aid, and the Student Welcome Center or on the web at http://cscc.edu/docs/FinAid/PDF/2006_Winter_Spring_Quarter_Offerings_Booklet.pdf.

"Connection" tells community of Columbus State's impact

"Connection," the college's newest publication telling the community of the vast opportunities at Columbus State, was mailed this week to community leaders and college donors. This quarterly publication, published by Institutional Advancement, reports on college news and the impact being made in central Ohio by our programs, students, employees and alumni. The Fall issue contains information on the first nuclear medicine class, fire science, chemistry, traveling abroad, and more.

If you have not already received it, look for your copy to arrive at home soon. And if you have story ideas for future issues of "Connection," please contact editor Suzy May at smay@cscc.edu.