Week 6: Test Anxiety

It's almost midterm time, and Team Swag and the A-Team are studying harder than ever. Advisor Todd Taylor sat down with both teams for a short session on test-taking anxiety.

Exams can cause you to psych yourself out, both during the test and before you ever pick up your No. 2 pencil. Taylor advised them to relax and study steadily – cramming often doesn't work. A-Team members said they're studying more, using note cards and scheduling their time better.

And this week we meet Larena, a young mother on Team Swag. She's balancing her studies and motherhood against a degenerative eye condition that will eventually leave her legally blind. But in the meantime, she's studying marketing with the hopes of creating a business to serve people with vision disorders.

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Next week: Tune in for our Biggest Learners’ first academic weigh-in!