Week 10: The Finish Line

When we first met our Biggest Learner contestants, they were seven struggling students from all walks of life. But now they are the A-Team and Team Swag, two cohesive teams battling it out for scholarships on Columbus State's first online reality series.

They've picked up study skills and (in some ways, more importantly) time-management skills. The success is starting to show in their GPAs. "I have never had an A in math in my life, and I have an A in math," says A-Team member Thomas.

As both teams head for the finish line, the Biggest Learners took a trip to the Student Assistance Center. The Student Assistance Center, located on the upper floor of Madison Hall, is a one-stop shop for students entering Columbus State. That's where students get an orientation to CougarWeb, interpret their COMPASS placement tests and get tips on financial aid.

Speaking of Financial Aid, the Biggest Learners also got some protips from an advisor named Ben. Keep on top of deadlines, Ben says, and remember that financial aid isn't unlimited. Having a solid plan will help you make the most of that money.

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That's it for the Biggest Learner for this quarter! Tune in next quarter for the big reveal: which team wins the big $1,000 scholarships?