Week 1: Meet the Teams

This fall, eight full-time students will embark on a challenge never seen before on a college campus. The Biggest Learner is an exciting new reality series with two teams of students who want to make big changes in their academic lives!

Throughout Autumn Quarter, the teams will work to see which one can get the highest GPA! They'll be helped by two coaches, Prof. Carolyn Kaufman (Psychology) and Prof. Reuel Barksdale (Business Management), and assisted by a trio of experienced advisors. Along the way, the team members will learn about resources at Columbus State, get good study tips, and support each other in their college quests. They're also competing for $1,000 scholarships (the runners-up get $500 scholarships).

Tune in each week for the Biggest Learner, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You just might learn something, too.