The Biggest Learner

Congratulations, Team Swag!

With the final grades in, Team Swag came out on top! Both teams will get $500 scholarships, but Team Swag members get an additional $500. Thanks to all who followed along at home - we hope you learned something, too!

The Finale

It was a 10-week journey for our Biggest Learners, and they learned more than they thought possible. Relive the highs and lows with the finale.

Week 10: The Finish Line

Video thumbnail As the quarter winds down, the Biggest Learners get ready for finals -- and the live finale Jan. 13!


Week 9: No C's!

Video thumbnail Team Swag makes a pledge: No C's!. And how can you get help to ace that final paper?


Week 8: Scheduling

Video thumbnail It's crunch time, and two Biggest Learners are dropping a class to balance work, home and academics. Meet Jack, who's juggling his studies and 30 hours at a bakery.


Week 7: Midterm Grade Check

Video thumbnail The quarter’s half over, the grades are in, and it’s time for the midterm weigh-in. Which team is ahead? And meet Jen, who’s learning to buckle down and help her team.


Week 6: Test Anxiety

Video thumbnail Both teams are studying for midterms and getting ready for their first academic weigh-in next week! And meet Team Swag member Larena, who’s balancing her studies, motherhood and a degenerative eye disorder.


Week 5: Tutoring

Video thumbnail With one-third of the quarter down, our Biggest Learners are hitting the books, but they’re not doing it alone. And meet Aaron, who served two tours in Iraq and is learning to serve his community in a new way.


Week 4: Careers and Goals

Video thumbnail If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s hard to get there. This week, our Biggest Learners talked career options and re-checked their major decisions. Also, meet Branden, Team Swag’s sports star-slash-logophile.


Week 3: Taking Notes

Video thumbnail Meet Thomas – the A-Team’s high-flying Biggest Learner. Also, the teams get a lesson on note-taking and getting organized, and one contestant realizes he’s taking on too many classes. It’s Week 3, and you’ll want to take some notes.


Week 2: Time Management

Video thumbnail Meet Meredith – the Biggest Learner’s mom of eight, and find out how she does it. Also: The teams get a refresher on time management. Don’t wait; watch it now!


Week 1: Meet Team Swag and the A-Team

Video thumbnail The Biggest Learner begins! Tune in each week as two teams of students face off to see which one can get the highest GPA. In week one, the teams meet their coaches, introduce themselves, and get ready for the ultimate academic challenge.