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Vanessa Hockenhull - Preferred Pathway

She's a Buckeye now, but she got her start at Columbus State.

Vanessa Hockenhull is currently studying Radiation Therapy at The Ohio State University, after completing her first year in Columbus State's Preferred Pathway® program.

Although Columbus State has had a general-purpose transfer degree for years, the Preferred Pathway® gives students a specific "pre-major" for their program at Ohio State. The program also provides students with access to Ohio State advisors and invitations to some college activities.

More importantly, her pre-major showed her exactly which courses to take, which ensured she didn't waste time (and money) on credits she wouldn't need. For example, her advisors switched her from a general Math class to one suited to pre-Radiography majors.

"I knew it could help me take the right classes to get into Ohio State," Hockenhull says.

The 20-year old Groveport native knew she wanted to go to Ohio State University, but knew it'd be hard with a young daughter. She had already taken classes at Columbus State during high school, and it was a great place to start a college education.

Going to school while raising a child doesn't leave much time for socializing, Hockenhull says, but that's OK. She's focusing on the important stuff.

"You have to dedicate your all into what you're doing," Hockenhull says.