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Roger Stukkie - Career Warpath

With an associate degree from Columbus State and a bachelor's degree from Franklin University, Roger Stukkie is on the "career warpath."

The 28-year-old Dayton native graduated with his associate degree in Marketing from Columbus State in 2009, then transferred it immediately toward a bachelor's degree from Franklin. Franklin accepts any Columbus State technical degree, as well as the general-purpose Associate of Arts/Associate of Science degrees.

Today, he's working as a sales consultant in the retirement planning division of Nationwide Insurance. He started as an operations staffer, but has moved up the job ladder while continuing his education.

Stukkie started at a four-year college straight out of high school studying Chemical Engineering, but he found it wasn't for him. After a few years working, he realized he had to get a degree. He started in Columbus State's Marketing program with an eye toward a career in sales.

While at Columbus State, he was able to schedule classes around his work schedule and found professors with real-world experience. Prof. Paul Carringer is still a mentor, Stukkie says.

"Paul has a passion for success in his students."

At the end of the Marketing program, Stukkie did an internship with Nationwide, where his supervisor encouraged him to go on to get a four-year degree. Having the four-year degree makes him more competitive, he says.

Transferring to Franklin was "very simple," he says. The transfer program is designed to be easy to follow. And his Columbus State classes prepared him for the higher-level coursework at Franklin.



Many students go back to school after taking some time in the workforce. Stukkie's advice is to keep your momentum.

"If at all possible, once you get going, keep going," Stukkie says. "Stay in that school mindset until you're done."

Columbus State's Marketing program trains people for entry-level positions in marketing, and provides a solid foundation for further study. Franklin University is a four-year private college specializing in working adults. It accepts grads from all Columbus State programs as transfer students.