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Kopechek family

Meet Mary Beth and David Kopechek, sister and brother, instructor and student. They are two of six siblings to take college courses at Columbus State.

Like their brothers and sisters (10 children in all), Mary Beth and David were home schooled. They each also followed in the family footsteps by taking college classes through Columbus State during their last year of high school.

"The process just made sense for each of us," says Mary Beth, who now teaches Anatomy and Physiology at Columbus State. "We could transition to college-level studies in small classes, at a convenient location or even online. Columbus State offers a variety of transferable classes that we could then apply to degree requirements at Ohio State, our four-year school of choice," she adds.

Now teaching at Columbus State, Mary Beth is also pursuing a degree in Veterinary Technology. She has worked part-time for a vet for 10 years and hopes the Vet Tech degree will open up future avenues in teaching and animal science/health care.

Meanwhile, younger brother David is in his first year here. He plans to become a chemical engineer, and fueling that goal is his acceptance into the Future Scientists of Ohio Scholarship Program. Future Scientists* pays full tuition for two years of STEM-related studies, "a major selling point for someone who has so many siblings," notes David.

David balances academic pursuits with other college activities. He's joined clubs that reflect personal or professional interests. In addition, David frequents open gym periods playing soccer, basketball, or bongo ball. "As one of seven brothers, I learned early to love sports," he says, "and we even invented our own games, like hocker and smash-mouth basketball," he adds laughing.

This active brother and sister may have followed family "tradition" in coming to Columbus State, but they are making their own history here.

Mary Beth and David are among 6 siblings to start college classes at Columbus State and move on to Ohio State: Jonathan is doing post-doctoral research in biomedical engineering at Boston University; Joshua is a CPA with Price Waterhouse Coopers in Columbus; Anna will graduate Spring Quarter in International Studies; and Daniel is a sophomore majoring in business.

*Future Scientists is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Ohio Board of Regents.