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John Delia Jr - Dealmaker
John Delia Jr. is working to bring it all together – and a big part of that is his education at Columbus State.

The 20-year-old Long Island, NY, native came to Columbus two years ago to help with his father’s real estate business, and ended up taking Real Estate classes at Columbus State.

Columbus State’s Real Estate program starts with a four-class sequence that allows you to become a licensed real estate agent – which Delia did at 18.

In addition to managing rental properties for his father, he also started on his first deals. He bought his first buildings, worked as a realtor for YHS Realty and Coldwell Banker King Thompson- New Albany, and helped redevelop a blighted property with a local architect. As 2011 opened, he was working on a deal to redevelop a foreclosed multi-family property in downtown Columbus.

But that didn’t stop his studies.

“I think I’ve taken about every real estate class possible at Columbus State,” Delia says.

His teachers noticed, said Tom Barrowman, an associate professor in Real Estate. “The modern CSCC student, John is driven to succeed at academics, at work and in life!”

Delia found himself challenged every day. Appraisal courses were particularly tough, he says. He also formed a friendly rivalry with some other students in his program, which helped him push himself.

“If Molly and Josh would get an A, then I’d have to get an A,” Delia says.

City planning is a field where he can bring different types of people together, like dealmakers, architects, construction managers and investors. He wants to be part of bringing back parts of Columbus that have been neglected.

“Part of me wants to break ground, but I also want to redevelop old neighborhoods,” Delia says. “I think Columbus has so much room to grow, but it takes the right developer.”

In addition to the four-class certification sequence, Columbus State’s Real Estate program offers an associate degree in Real Estate and one in Appraisal. The college’s Arts & Sciences division offers general education classes, most of which transfer to other colleges, as well as general Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees that represent the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.