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alert ATTENTION: College closed Wednesday-Sunday for Thanksgiving.

Jillian Dyer

Bike advocate. Student Ambassador. Art student. Hula hoop girl. Park Ranger?

Jillian Dyer came to Columbus State to find herself.

The Grandview Heights native, 23, initially planned to go to art school, but decided on Columbus State at the last minute.

“Take your time figuring out what you want to do,” Dyer says. “Columbus State is a good place to do that.”

She’s found a number of innovative classes. Art & Music Since 1940 (HUM 245) is taught backwards: Prof Rocco Di Pietro starts with music students are familiar with, then explores its roots. In Prof. Becki Test’s Introduction to Folklore (ENGL 272), students bring in folklore and spend time teaching each other.

What’s next? Dyer plans to transfer to Ohio State University and study Wildlife & Forestry. She’d like to be an interpretive ranger and show visitors America’s natural treasures.

Dyer’s best known as a bicycle advocate: She arranged Ride Your Bike To Class Day in May as part of the annual Spring Fling festival. She passed out bike water bottles and educated students – drivers and riders alike – on how to share the road.

Biking has become more popular as Columbus becomes more bike-friendly, she says. The bike racks get a little more crowded each quarter.

Her advice for new C-State students? Get involved. Dyer is a member of Student Ambassadors, a group of student who get paid to help out around campus. She’s volunteered at campus events and volunteered for groups such as Hope Street Kids and the Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence. She also teaches a wellness class in hulu-hooping.

“I think we’re the only school in Ohio with a hula hoop class,” Dyer says.