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Breda Hammond - Law Enforcement grad

Breda Ma'Chere' Hammond graduated March 16 with a degree in Law Enforcement. Here, the 21-year-old Toledo native tells us her story in her own words.

College was something scary for me. I had no idea about what I would face when it came to it.

Were the teachers going to be nice? Would I pass? Would I fail? Am I going to school for the wrong thing? How was I going to pay for books?

I thank God for Clayton Gibson (student employment coordinator). He helped me get a work study job through the Salvation Army were I became the program assistant manager to their after-school program. After getting the job, I knew without a doubt that law enforcement was the correct major for me.

Breda also praised her instructors, including Criminal Justice instructors Scott Wagner and Dave Stewart. "They really teach you. It's very interactive."

My next goal is to continue to work with the Salvation Army after-school program and go back to school to further my education in criminal justice or social work. I get to relax for a few months, then get right back to it.

Columbus State's Criminal Justice program offers a general degree in Criminal Justice, as well as a Police Academy program and a major in Corrections. The Student Employment office finds work study jobs for students on financial aid, both on-campus and off-campus.