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Lawrene Dolengowski - Skills to Advance

Lawrene Dolengowski graduated in August with a degree in Interactive Multimedia Technology, learning technical skills to take her design career to the next level. She's also following a family tradition – her father graduated from Columbus State 35 years ago. Here, she tells her story in her own words:

Your Columbus State story: Previous to attending Columbus State, I went to the Bradford School for a degree in Graphic Design and then ITT Tech for a degree in Multimedia. After spending 12 years in the design field attempting to work my way up to the top, I realized I needed more.

Companies like designers who are not just designers ... but who are also very technical and good with web and interactive media work. I heard amazing things about Columbus State, and my father also thought highly of it since that is where he graduated 35 years ago. I decided to give it a shot and see how it would go.

I cannot tell you how great Columbus State has been. From the very flexible schedules and large amount of night classes (which go hand-in-hand with my day work schedule), to teachers that go above and beyond to ensure I fully understand all projects and assignments and who truly care about my future. I could not ask for anything more, and am proud to soon be calling myself a Columbus State alumni!

Your next goal: Thanks to Columbus State, I landed a big job as an Art/Marketing Director for a big food company. If it wasn't for my knowledge achieved while attending Columbus State, I would have just been another resume in the pile. My next goal past this amazing goal would be to eventually own my own design firm.

I want to say thank you to my top favorite instructors who truly believed in me and helped me get to where I am today: Jon Lundquist for pushing me in the right direction and giving me incredible feedback and critiquing, and Shawn Holmes for never doubting my efforts and helping me to exceed and fall in love with video editing and cinematography.

Lundquist had this to say about Lawrene: "In class, I frequently used her work as the bar for the rest of the students to get to. Her amazing design/technical skills were only matched by her communication skills. I am proud to say Lawrene graduated from the Interactive Media program at Columbus State."

Interactive Media, part of the Integrated Media & Technology department, teaches students how to make interactive productions such as websites, presentations, videos and video games.