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Dustin Holloway

Students take many different paths on their way to Columbus State. For respiratory care major Dustin Holloway, it was a life-altering accident that led him here. The compassionate care he received from Columbus State students upon waking from a coma led him directly to the college, so that he too, could give back.

Respiratory therapists are life-support specialists concerned with managing, controlling and treating problems related to the cardiopulmonary system. They work in such settings as the newborn nursery, surgical and medical units, emergency departments, sleep laboratories, and home health facilities. Columbus State offers an associate degree in Respiratory Care as well as a Sleep Study Certificate.

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Crystal: No day is ever the same for respiratory care students in the lab. After learning about the complex medical devices in the classroom – they have to be ready to practice hands on.

Dustin Holloway is among 24 students in the class of 2012. Just three years ago he was in a medically-induced coma for six weeks following a sledding accident. Complications included collapsed lungs, a broken femur and a blood clot. When he awoke, several Columbus State respiratory students were among the care givers.

Dustin Holloway, Respiratory Care Student: The care I got really changed my life, really gave me hope and inspired me and I want to do that for somebody

Upon release Dustin decided to forgo plans for a law enforcement career in favor of respiratory care.

Dustin Holloway: One of the Respiratory Therapists was a CSCC graduate: I would go back and visit and talk to her. She really got me turned on to following through with this.

And professors are impressed.

Sue Donohue, Associate Professor of Respiratory Care: He is very dedicated, very focused, and he wants to learn as much as he can so that he can give back. He really feels the need to give back to patients who are in a similar situation as he was.

With the process already underway – it won’t be long before we see Dustin moving from the human patient simulators – to the real thing.