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Helpful Information for Parents/Guardians

studentUpward Bound staff members are committed to helping your student reach their full academic potential. Academic advisors, tutors, and instructors will work with your child every step of the way to make sure they are on the path to success. Staff members believe in the importance of providing challenging yet attainable goals to help your child learn practical knowledge while building resilience.

The professional experience and knowledge of Upward Bound staff coupled with the program’s expectations will provide your child with the resources he or she needs to be successful. Staff will give 100% when working with your child and, in turn, will expect your son or daughter to show motivation and perseverance in the college readiness process. Additionally, your support as a parent is an integral part of your child’s preparation for college.

Here are some ways you can support your child achieve college readiness:

• Ensure your son or daughter comes to tutoring with homework they need help with each week.

• Help your child stay organized. Put all important dates and times on a calendar (weekly tutoring, monthly Saturday sessions, Summer Enrichment Institute paperwork deadlines, etc.).

• Come to the Saturday sessions where parent attendance is mandatory (please note: usually only a couple per year – the rest of the Saturday sessions are for your child to attend on their own).

• Start researching financial aid options now -- it is never too early to start. If you need help on where to begin your search, please contact the Upward Bound office.

• Review your child’s report cards. Academic advisors will discuss your child’s report cards with him or her at various times throughout the year; but if you happen to notice a downward change in grades, please contact the Upward Bound office.

• Tour colleges and universities with your child.

• Research colleges and universities online with your child.

• Stay in contact with UB staff to make sure we are all working together to make your child’s dreams of a college education become reality.