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Program Information

Detailed Information about the Program
Academic Program
Summer Enrichment Institute

The Upward Bound program at Columbus State Community College has two main components; these include the academic year and the Summer Enrichment Institute.

Academic Year

2015-16 Academic Year Calendar 

During the academic year, students are provided with numerous resources to help them thrive academically and personally. Columbus State Community College Upward Bound (CSCC UB) provides:

  • Weekly tutoring sessions at CSCC with tutors who are highly-qualified in the academic content areas in which they tutor students.
  • Monthly academic advising at student’s high school with a professional UB advisor.
  • Monthly Saturday Enrichment Sessions that focus on specific areas necessary for academic and personal growth.

Examples of monthly Saturday session activities include:

  • college tours
  • standardized test preparation
  • resources concerning organization skills
  • assistance with college admissions applications
  • social and cultural activities
  • information about Federal student financial aid programs and benefits
  • instruction on filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • interview etiquette
  • information about I Know I Can program
  • study skills and time management

Summer Enrichment Institute
During the summer, we offer a unique opportunity for students to see how it would feel to be a college student. Our Summer Enrichment Institute provides the following:

  • Instruction in core classes (math, science, foreign language, composition and literature) to help students prepare for the next academic year. However, if students missed important concepts in one of their core classes during the previous academic year, students will be offered the course they need additional instruction in during the summer so students are fully prepared for the next academic year.
  •  Elective courses serve to broaden students’ horizons and expose them to new experiences. Examples of courses  offered include: sign language, step dancing, zumba, and art.
  •  Weekly cultural and social activities -- no college experience would be complete without an opportunity for students to socialize with and learn from one another. Examples of cultural and social activities include: visiting the art museum, trips to a movie theater, bowling, team building activities, playing basketball, visiting amusement parks, ice skating, canoeing and participating in a potluck dinner.
  •  Once a student reaches their second summer with the program, they are eligible to participate in a work study opportunity. This experience allows students to gain valuable, real-world knowledge that will help the student once in college. Student will learn important skills that can assist them when balancing the demands of getting a college education as well as their first job after graduating from college. Additionally, this experience provides students with the opportunity to strengthen their resume.
  • UB students who have graduated high school are eligible to come to the Summer Enrichment Institute in the summer immediately following their graduation and participate in the Bridge program. During this summer, students are permitted to take a college course at Columbus State Community College. This course will be paid for by Upward Bound and will provide college credit and a head start to students’ college experience and success.

All Upward Bound events and activities during the academic year and the Summer Enrichment Institute are free to students and their parents or guardians. Even more exciting, students can earn money if they participate in all components of the program, maintain appropriate attendance, and adhere to the conduct expectations of the program. The amount of money students can earn is directly related to the time and effort they put into the program.

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