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Sexual Misconduct, Alcohol, and Other Drugs

Sexual Misconduct and Alcohol and Other Drugs

Choosing to use alcohol and/or other drugs and choosing to engage in sexual activity are two separate choices. While certain choices may increase a person’s risk of assault, only the person who committed the assault is to blame.

Addressing sexual misconduct is more important than determining whether the complainant may have violated policies about alcohol and/or other drugs. Therefore, the College encourages the reporting of sexual misconduct in all circumstances. The College also recognizes that respondents sometimes use alcohol and/or other drugs as a tool to facilitate sexual assault.

At the discretion of the Director of Student Conduct, student complainants who used alcohol or other drugs will be given an alcohol and/or other drug-related educational outcome with a referral to support resources instead of being sanctioned for an alcohol and/or other drug violation.

If the evidence shows that the respondent more than likely engaged in sexual misconduct, the respondent will be held responsible for their behavior whether or not they consumed alcohol and/or other drugs.