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Policies and Procedures

waiting areaStudent Conduct Policy

The Testing Center adheres to the College's Student Code and Academic Misconduct Policies. If misconduct occurs in the Testing Center, an Incident Report detailing the situation will be submitted to the student's instructor.

Testing Center Policies and Procedures

    • Everyone is required to present valid photo identification when reporting to any CSCC Testing Center. If an individual does not have identification or if the name on the ID does not match the name in the CSCC system, an exam will not be administered.
  • Students will need to know their Cougar/Student ID number when reporting to take exams. This can be found on student's schedule accessed through CougarWeb. 
    • Students must report for testing in the Center at least one hour prior to closing for academic testing. Anyone reporting later than one hour prior to closing will not be allowed to take an exam that day. In order to take the COMPASS/ESL placement test, an individual must report two hours prior to the Center's closing time. 
    • Students must provide the instructor's name, course name & number, and the test needed in order to have an exam administered. Only one exam will be administered at a time. Upon completion of an exam, you must sign in for your next exam if taking more than one. 
    • All programmable calculators must be cleared BEFORE and AFTER testing.  Make sure your instructor does not require a specific type of calculator. 
    • No children are allowed in the Center and/or to be left unattended while testing is in progress. If this is discovered, the examinee will be required to discontinue testing and leave the Testing Center. 
    • No food or beverages are permitted.  Exceptions are made only in documented medical situations.
  • No bathroom breaks are permitted.  Once you have begun your exam, you make not leave the testing arena. 

  • Electronic devices are not permitted while taking an exam. Before entering the testing arena, ALL electronic devices must be turned off.  Test administration will be discontinued if your device makes a noise and you will not be permitted to take any other exam for the day.

  • Personal belongings must be placed under the desk area while in the testing arena. Only required exam materials are allowed on the desk in the testing area.