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Evaluation of Transcripts

Photo of empty classroomEvaluation of Transcripts From Other Colleges/Universities

Evaluations are given to all official transcripts received from regionally accredited colleges and universities, domestic and foreign, after students have applied to Columbus State Community College. An official transcript from each institution attended is required.

If you have questions regarding a transcript evaluation you may submit an e-mail to 


A transcript is considered official when received in the original, sealed envelope from the issuing institution on official paper and/or with an official school seal. We will not accept faxed transcripts.

The courses that are accepted here at CSCC are given "K" or "KD" credit and are assessed as to whether they may meet prerequisites for CSCC courses. The transcript evaluators assess each transcript individually in the order they are received.  Students receive an e-mail, sent to their CSCC student e-mail account, after the evaluation is complete.

Transcripts from international universities must be accompanied by an evaluation from an independent credential evaluation service before credit will be awarded. There are many services located throughout the United States, but two we recommend are: Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. ( and World Education Services, Inc. ( For information on what documents are required, please contact the evaluation service.

Students may submit official transcripts from other institutions to:

Columbus State Community College 
ATTN: Office of the Registrar
PO Box 1609 
550 East Spring Street.
Columbus OH 43216

If you are an institution submitting an official electronic transcript, please send the transcript to

If you are a student and prefer to have an official transcript sent electronically, please contact the issuing institution to request an official transcript be sent to We do not accept electronic transcripts from students.