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Reporting Incidents


Medical Emergency

If you or someone you see becomes ill or is injured, call 911 and then call Public Safety at 614-287- 2525 so an officer can respond and direct emergency personnel to the proper location.

If You Think You Have Been a Victim of a Crime

Campus Police officers will respond and handle any immediate needs. The officers also have information about on-campus and off-campus community resources to assist victims of crime. It is important to report any crime, because your information may lead to apprehending a suspect and preventing further crimes.

If You Witness a Crime

Call Public Safety at 614-287-2525 immediately. If someone is hurt or may be hurt, call 911, then Public Safety. Try to remember a description of the people and vehicles involved, the direction of travel, etc.


If you see fire or smell smoke, pull a fire alarm, if at all possible and exit the building. Immediately call 911, then Public Safety at 614-287-2525 and report the location of the fire or smoke. If you are in the building when the fire alarm sounds, you must ALWAYS leave the building. Do not enter until instructed to do so by Public Safety or fire department personnel.

Suspicious People or Vehicles

If you notice suspicious people or vehicles on campus, call Public Safety and tell the dispatcher what you saw. Describe the people and vehicles, where they were last seen and in which direction they were traveling. This helps officers spot potential problems and can keep crimes from occurring.

Safety Concerns

Call Public Safety if you notice any safety hazards, such as inoperative lights, broken doors or locks, water leaks, icy sidewalks, etc.

Sexual Assault and Related Offenses

All sexual assaults should be reported to the Columbus State Community College Department of Public Safety/Police.

Columbus State is committed to providing students and employees with services that support their health, safety and well-being. Policies and procedures for sexual harassment and sexual misconduct by employees are stated in college Policy 3-33, 3-34, and Policy 3-35, respectively. Sexual assault and sexual misconduct by students is governed by the Student Code of Conduct, Policy 7-10 and Procedure 7-10 (G).

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC 1092 (f)) defines the following sexual acts within the general category of sexual assault to include forcible rape, sodomy, sexual assault with an object, incest and statutory rape.

In the event of sexual assault, including sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, or other sexual offenses as defined in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Chapter 2907, students must report the incident to the Columbus State Police (located on the ground floor of Delaware Hall, 614-287-2525). If at the Delaware Campus, at an off-campus center, or off campus, dial 911. Timing is critical. It is very important to preserve all evidence of a sexual assault. Students are also encouraged to consult with the college counselors in Counseling Services for help (located in Aquinas Hall 116, 614-287-2668). If an assault victim requests the assistance of college counselors or Columbus State Police, the victim will be provided support.

Support could include the changing of a victim’s academic situation, if changes are requested and are reasonably available. Students also can call the 24-hour Netcare Crisis Line in Columbus at 1-888-276-CARE (2273) for off campus help and support. Additional resources for the College’s four-county service area are listed below.

Columbus State Police have a working relationship with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Columbus State Police have the law enforcement and arrest authority to assist and investigate all crimes on campus (ORC 3345.21; CSCC Policy/Procedure 11.01). Further information is available on this website, including information on registered sexual offenders, crime statistics, and crime prevention programs including sexual assault prevention such as the Rape Aggression Defense System (RAD) can be found on the Department of Public Safety/Campus Police website.

Sexual Harassment Policy

The College Administration, faculty, staff and students are responsible for assuring that the college maintains an environment for work and study free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is unlawful and conflicts with the college’s mission. Sexual harassment violates the dignity of individuals and will not be tolerated. The college community seeks to eliminate sexual harassment through education and by encouraging faculty, staff and students to report concerns or complaints. Prompt corrective measures will be taken to stop sexual harassment whenever is occurs and is reported to any college official.

Reporting Complaints

A complaint alleging a violation of the college’s Sexual Harassment Policy may be addressed to the following officials:

1. Any academic or administration official with the college, such as a dean, chairperson, vice president, director, supervisor or department head;

2. The Office of Human Resources; or

3. The Vice President of Student Affairs. This office, and with the Student Conduct Committee in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct, will be responsible for the investigation and resolution of sexual harassment complaints involving students in their academic roles.

Photo of police and safety officerThe Office of Human Resources will participate in the investigation process when a student alleges sexual harassment by a faculty or staff member.

The Office of Human Resources is available to assist any person with a sexual harassment complaint. For full text of the college’s Sexual Harassment Policy, contact the Office of Human Resources at (614) 287-2408