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Lost and Found

In accordance with Columbus State Community College Procedure No. 13-11 (E)(l), the collection and disposal of lost and found items of value is the responsibility of the Police/Public Safety. Items will be retained and periodically disposed of in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and departmental procedures.

An item of value is defined as any item with an estimated value of $100 or more, driver’s licenses, state identification cards laptops, cell phones, checkbooks, credit cards or cash money will be placed in the property room for safe keeping. Other accepted items include:

  • Backpacks containing valuables.
  • All negotiable instruments, i.e.: cash, credit cards, checkbooks, etc.
  • Electronics.
  • Personal Identification Documents.
  • Glasses.
  • Purses and Wallets.
  • Prescription Medication.
  • Text books.
  • Any items determined by a supervisor.

For sanitary reasons, these items are not accepted into Lost and Found:

  • Food/drink and/or food/drink containers.
  • Clothing items.
  • Swimwear, socks, flip-flops, or shoes.
  • Personal toiletries.
  • Any item determined by a supervisor.

Lost and found items from the Delaware Campus will be stored at the Columbus Campus.