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Environmental Health and Safety


In collaboration with human resources, other college departments and vendors, promote a safe work environment free of environmental hazards, guided by the Public Employment Risk Reduction Program and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regulations.


  • Encourage departments to use online software to track hazardous chemical inventories in order to comply in part with Hazard Communication requirements.
  • Provide guidance to employee safety training programs.
  • Interpret Occupational Safety and Health Act standards and how they apply to Columbus State.
  • Track building inspections to pro-actively identify risks and to facilitate needed remedies and repairs.
  • Oversee the safe disposal of hazardous and biological waste.
  • Schedule fire system inspections and facilitate needed repairs.
  • Respond to employee safety concerns and questions.
  • Assist Human Resources to identify college safety training needs and to interpret safety standards as they apply to Columbus State.


Safety Program Coordinator 614.287.3876
Physical Plant room 203