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Police carEmergency Response Procedures brochure (.pdf)

In addition to campus patrol, Public Safety Personnel are trained to respond to respond to the following emergencies:

  • HAZMAT/Chemical Incidents
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Building Evacuations
  • Reports of Criminal Incidents
  • Auto/Personal Accidents
  • Personal Assault/Rape

When In an Emergency Situation

1. Call 911 for emergencies. The Department of Public Safety can be contacted from any campus telephone by dialing Ext. 2525, or from any public or off campus telephone by dialing 614-287-2525.

2. Use an Emergency "Help Phone" (Buildings and designated parking lots). By pressing the call button on the boxes strategically located in campus buildings, you are automatically put in touch with a Public Safety Dispatcher. If the button is pushed and you cannot speak into the box, the box will electronically give the location to Public Safety and officers will respond.