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Police Department Contacts

 Phone: 614-287-2525      Fax: 614-287-5403

The Department of Police is centrally located on the Columbus campus, on the ground floor of Delaware Hall, Room 047, between the cafeteria and the fitness center.  The front lobby entrance faces the Columbus statue area. 

Public safety entranceThe office and walk up service window is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Phones are answered 24/7.

Department Roster and Specialty Assignments
S. Asbury, Chief of Police (Homeland Security Liaison)
Police Lt. K. Smith, CLEE 
Police Lt. D. Williard
Police Lt. S. Schemine

Safety & Security Coordinators 

A. Farah, Security Coordinator-Delaware Campus

Security Specialists
L. Bryom-McClure, Security Specialist
E. Crosby, Security Specialist 
J. Murphy, Security Specialist
S. Murphy, Security Specialist

Special Services

F. Sugar Special Services Coordinator; Purchasing & Invoice processing, Special Event support

Emergency Management
J. Smith Support and Preparedness Coordinator 

Sergeants and Police Officers
Sgt. T. Anderson (Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
Sgt. C. Kerns
Sgt. T. Lewis
Sgt. D. Sopraseuth
Ofc. C. Bryant
Ofc. G. Capers
Ofc. A. Carter 
Ofc. B. Cramer
Ofc. W. Damron
Ofc. L. Diamond
Ofc. J. Dodge
Ofc. M. Hale
Ofc. D. Marable
Ofc. C. Miller 
Ofc. N. Rice
Ofc. S. Scott
Ofc. B. Thomas (Property/Evidence)

Communications 614-287-2525
B. Hickman (Dispatch Sergeant/LEADS Agency Coord)
D. Alex (Communications Technician/LEADS Tech)
S. Anderson(Communications Technician/LEADS Tech)
C. Carothers (Communications Technician/LEADS Tech)
F. Douglas, (Communications Technician/LEADS Tech)
B. Hamilton (Communications Technician/LEADS Tech)
K. Hamilton (Communications Technician/LEADS Tech)
S. Hollinshead (Communications Technician/LEADS Tech)
C. Rader (Communications Technician/LEADS Tech)