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Financial Aid by Semesters

Financial Aid by Semesters

Financial Aid by Semester

Once you’ve completed your FAFSA and the Financial Aid Department has completed their work on your file, you will be notified via e-mail that your Financial Aid Award Letter can be viewed on your Cougar Web account. 

Your Award Letter includes all forms of Federal Student Aid you are eligible for, including grants and Direct Student Loans. The amounts reflected on the Award Letter are based on the assumption of full-time attendance, and are split evenly between autumn and spring semesters as required by the United States Department of Education unless the student has been accepted into a program that requires them to attend during summer semester.

Changes in federal regulations prohibit colleges from awarding student loans for all three semesters of each year unless the student actively indicates intent to attend summer semester.

Plan to enroll in summer? Summer financial aid eligibility is based on the amount of aid unused from the previous Autumn and/or Spring semesters.

Summer 2017-18 Financial Aid Information