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Tips for Managing Your Financial Aid

Read your student email regularly.

Important information is sent there before, during, and after each term.

Plan ahead for each semester, noting academic and financial aid deadline dates/release dates.

For example, if you know when on-time registration is in effect, and schedule your classes then, you improve your chances of getting into required courses. Also, with some pre-planning, you're more likely to meet critical financial aid application deadlines and any ongoing academic requirements.

Check your online accounts frequently.

By visiting your accounts often, you'll know when tuition and fees must be paid, when your book allowance is available at the Bookstore, when your financial aid refund has been released, etc. Being aware of the timing of these important transactions helps you manage your financial aid effectively throughout the semester.

Attend and actively participate in your Columbus State courses.

Whether your classes are on-campus or online, participate in them regularly and complete all assignments. Active engagement in your college courses assures eligibility for any financial aid credit balance following processing of the first student attendance/participation report.


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