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Testing for Instructors

Your student should provide a Letter of Accommodation and a Student Testing Agreement Request (STAR) form. The STAR form may be in paper format or eletronically via email. If the student provides a paper STAR form, please sign off on the bottom of the STAR form and return both copies to the student. If you receive a digital STAR form by email, no further action is required.  The Letter of Accommodation is yours to keep.


How to submit a test to Disability Services

All tests must be submitted 2 business days prior to the test availability date. To submit a test, please fill out the mandatory Disability Services Test Administration Request Form (.DOCX). One form must be filled out for each student. You may then drop it off in person to Eibling hall 101 or email it to

Don’t Forget!

  • Use the comment section of the Test Administration Request Form if special instructions are necessary
  • Please include a 'must be taken by date' on Test Administration Request Form
  • Please indicate any instructor/class permitted materials on the Test Administration Request Form
  • On the Test Administration Request Form, you may select your preferred pick-up method (Inter-office mail or pick up)

Test denial forms

You may receive a test denial form from one of your students. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include the student arriving too late for their appointment, or the instructor failing to submit the test at least two business days before the testing date.

If a test denial form is issued due to instructor oversight, you may need to contact the testing desk to extend the deadline of the exam. To do so, you may call the direct line at 614-287-5089 or email with your request.