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How to Download Your Alternate Media

Once you put in your request, after a few days you’ll be given access to the “Alternate media Textbook pick-up” site on Blackboard

Note: Students requesting alternate-media for the first time are required to do training with an Alternate-media staff member.  To make an appointment, call 614-287-5089 or stop by Eibling hall 101.

To access “alternate media textbook pick-up”

  • Login to Blackboard on the CSCC homepage
  • Click on the organization tab
  • Click on Alternate Media textbook Pick-up

All alternate-media requests require your proof of purchase be submitted through blackboard.

To submit your proof of purchase

  • Click on “My Alternate Media” (left column)
  • Click on “Proof of Purchase” link
  • Below the textbox, click on “Browse my Computer” to the right of “Attach File”
  • Locate an electronic copy of your receipt, a scanned copy of your receipt or a clear photo of your receipt
  • Click Open  (this adds the file name under Attach File)
  • Click Submit

Wait approx. 2 business days for approval

To download your books

-Click on My Alternate Media (left column)
-Click on folder with your name
-Click on textbook title to download
-Save to your computer (download)