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Captioning Services

When a student uses captioning services, a transcriber will provide a script, in real time, through a laptop computer screen for all academic-related activities, i.e., lecture, recitation, lab, study groups. This service is recommended for non-signers and for classes with dense medical, scientific, or technical content or vocabulary.

Requesting captioning services

Submit your class schedule to the supervisor of interpreting services, Sheryl Killen, by dropping it off to Eibling 101, faxing it to 614-287-6054 or emailing a copy to

If you change your schedule, add or drop a class, you MUST inform the supervisor of interpreting services immediately

How Captioning works

  • If the student isn’t in class, the captionist will wait 15 minutes for a one hour class and 30 minutes for a class over one hour.
  • The captionist provides captioning for what is spoken in the class. So you’ll still need to copy down any notes or visual information presented on the board (or work with a note-taker to assist you)
  • The captionist will provide you with an e-mailed transcript or with a hard copy transcript within 24 hours.
  • At time words may appear misspelled on the screen but your print transcript will be a corrected version.

    Note: All transcripts are only for the person receiving the service. Transcripts should NEVER be copied for other students in the class. If DS learns that transcripts are being shared or sold the service may be terminated.
  • If you are going to be absent from a class, the captionist will not caption the class without you.
  • The captionist follows the same professional and ethical standards as a sign language interpreter and will remain in that role

Don’t forget!

Do not speak to the captionist while he/she is working. They must pay very close attention to what is being said so they can provide captioning as accurately as possible.