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Lab Rules & Regulations

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Important Notice:
If you leave your assigned computer for more than 15 minutes you run the risk of loosing your seat to the next patron. Any items left at the seat, ie backpack will be taken to Public Safety.

Starting Spring Quarter 2011 to enter the TL 116 and off-campus labs, you must have a Cougar ID with a valid quarter sticker.

Technology and Learning Guidelines (The Commons in TL)

1. College policy No. 13-02 (B) prohibits food in the Commons.  Covered drinks will be permitted

2. Lockers are for lab patrons only.  Lockers will be cleaned out three (3) times during the quarter.  The dates for locker clean out will be posted on the lockers.  If you lose your key a request to open the locker form needs to be filled out by the student.  The locker will only be opened with a valid ID and knowledge of the contents of the locker.

3. All students must sign in at the front desk.  Students will be assigned a sitting area based on availability of seats and classes.  It may be warranted to ask a student to move from one seat to another.

4. Non-students and children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the labs on campus.  In accordance with College Policy & Procedure No. 13-11 (E)(4),  all CSCC college students are required to carry a Cougar ID and show it upon request for a college official.****

5. Assistants are not here to do student’s homework.  We are here to assist you with any questions you may have.

6. Cell phones must be silenced while in the lab.  If you need to make a call, walk out of the lab to place the call.

7. Pods sometimes are reserved for classes. Do not sit at a pod with a reserved sign on the computers.

8. During peak hours if you are in the lab playing games or surfing you may be asked to give up your seat for a student needing a computer.

9. In accordance with the College Policy and Procedure No. 15-01, do not share your user name and password with another student or friend.  Sharing of your user name and password will result in referral to Student Conduct.

10. Printing is limited to 30 sheets at one time.  Printing of non-CSCC related material is prohibited, and your print job will be cancelled by Commons staff.  Repeated violations of this policy maybe cause for referral to Student Conduct

11. Students are expected to work quietly in the lab and refrain from disturbing others.  This includes conversation, loud music on headphones and cell phone use. If your behavior is disruptive, you will be asked to stop.  If your behavior continues, you will be asked to leave and the incident will be referred to Student Conduct.

12.  Automatic referral to Student Conduct for theft or damage of equipment in the computer labs.

13.    We are not responsible for lost items in the labs.

*** A College official is any employee of the College.

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