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Community Work Study Partners

imageCommunity Work Study allows eligible students the opportunity to gain unique work experience while providing valuable service to the local community through federal, state, or local public agencies or private nonprofit organizations.

Eligibility for and partnering with the Community Work Study program depends largely on “fit” as well as meeting federally-defined criteria. The college takes into consideration the service provided by the organization, our reasonable ability to assist the agency, the diversity of community services we already partner with, and the organization’s administrative capacity to oversee student employees.

Preference may be given to organizations that:

  • Perform family literacy services, including providing reading and mathematics tutoring to preschool-age through elementary school-age children.
  • Provide services designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, par­ticularly low-income individuals.
  • Provide support services for students with disabilities.

In addition, Federal Guidelines state:

  • Federal Work Study employees must not displace current employees or impair existing service contracts. Replacement of staff with Federal Work Study employees is prohibited and interpreted as displacement.
  • Federal Work Study positions must not involve the constructing, operating, or maintaining of any part of building used for religious worship or sectarian instruction.
  • Work performed must be in the public interest (not work that primarily benefits the members of an organization that has membership limits) and may not involve political activity.

Community Work Study Supervisor's Guide

If you would like your organization to be considered for a Community Work Study partnership, please submit the following information for review. Community Work Study Partnership Application

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  • Students (+/-)
  • Faculty & Staff (+/-)
  • Employers / Community (+/-)
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