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Faculty Adoption

The Columbus State Bookstore is committed to supporting faculty with their course material needs. Please order textbooks as early as possible. Placing orders on time helps us plan for the upcoming term, which means we can order more used textbooks and save our students money.


Autumn 2017 Book List - click here to view


Textbook Adoption Deadlines

  • Autumn 2017: April 7, 2017

Textbook Adoption Process

Each semester, the Textbook Supervisor will forward the adoption information in an electronic format to the Deans, Department Chairs, and additional contacts that support the adoption process.


Adoption Information

Keep in mind that students want affordable textbook options. Used books and rental options are some of the most popular choices because of the overall savings. There are some key factors that may prevent the bookstore from offering a used book.

Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Has the textbook been adopted for the upcoming semester and/or future semesters?
  • Is the textbook bundled with access codes or other materials that are not valid after a single use?
  • Are these materials required for the course or simply optional resources?
  • When will the edition of this textbook change?

In many cases, a publisher will offer adjusted pricing for bundled materials. However, it may be more expensive to replace individual pieces in a bundle which sometimes prevents the bookstore from offering used books. Examples include access codes, CD’s, and workbooks.


Questions Faculty should ask Publishers

  • What is the cost of the textbook or bundle?
  • Can bundled items be purchased separately? If so, what is the guaranteed cost?
  • What is the lead time for a custom textbook?
  • How long is the life of the edition? How long will this edition be available?


The Bookstore is here to help you. If you need assistance or support meeting with a Publisher representative please let us know. If a publisher quotes a specific price for a bundle, guarantees a price for a replacement item in a bundle, or requires a certain lead time for a custom or new book order please let us know. This will help the bookstore assure we have materials in a timely manner and ensure we are being charged the correct price for materials.

Columbus State Bookstore Textbook and Supplies Contacts

Phillip Sanders, Textbook Supervisor

Evan Jablonka, Textbook Coordinator

MaryEllen Gauthier, Textbook Specialist (Reference Books)

Johanna Pierce, Buyer (Computer Products, Electronics, and Supplies)

Sandra Zeller, Buyer (Uniform Apparel)


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