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College Credit Plus


Announcements & Important Dates

Summer Semester Returns Reminder: Books received on a book voucher will now be collected by your high school at the end of each semester. Please contact your high school counselor to find out your schools specific return policy.

Registered for Autumn Courses? College Credit Plus students eligible for an electronic book voucher will receive a notification to their Columbus State student email when the voucher is available to use. The email communication will include textbook information and ordering details. 

August 14: First day to use a CC+ Voucher in-person.
August 22: First day to use a CC+ Voucher online.
August 28: First day of the Semester.

Books may not be obtained prior to receiving your book voucher notification. Click here to see a sample of the book voucher notification.


Book Process Information


  • The school district will provide books for all College Credit Plus classes offered at a high school location.


  • Most students do not pay for books for their approved College Credit Plus classes. Please contact your high school counselor to find out how to obtain books. Note: home school students and students who take unapproved classes must self-pay for books.

    Schools with a book agreement (see Voucher List): 

    Columbus State will provide an electronic book voucher for each student enrolled at an approved school district, to obtain books for online or on-campus College Credit Plus classes. Have questions about vouchers? See: "Book Voucher Information" below.

    Schools without a book agreement:

    It is the responsibility of the school district to cover the cost of books for the College Credit Plus program. Please talk to your high school counselor in order to find out about obtaining books for classes. School districts may choose to purchase books through an alternative source, or choose the following options through the Columbus State Bookstore: 

  • Sign a CSCC College Credit Plus Non-Partner School District Book Process Memorandum of Understanding
    This allows the college to establish a book voucher for students to receive books directly from the bookstore.
  • Use a purchase order to buy books from the Columbus State Bookstore
    The high school distributes books to the student.
  • For either option, schools should contact Gillian Lustig-Shilts at or 614-287-5237.

Book Voucher Information


  • What is a College Credit Plus book voucher?

    Columbus State will provide an electronic book voucher for each eligible student enrolled at an approved school district (see our voucher list), to obtain books for online or on-campus College Credit Plus classes at the start of each semester. Books for CCP classes being taught at a high school location will be provided by the high school.

    What if I'm a home school student?

    Home school students do not receive book vouchers and are responsible for purchasing their own books and supplies. The books can be purchased at the Columbus State Bookstore. 

    What if I attend a school district not on the voucher list?

    If you are not enrolled in an approved school district to receive a voucher, then you will need to speak with your high school counselor about obtaining books. If they would like the bookstore to create vouchers for their students please have them contact Gillian Lustig-Shilts at 614-287-5237 or

    When will I receive my book voucher?

    Students do not need to pick up anything or obtain a physical voucher. College Credit Plus students eligible for an electronic book voucher will receive a notification to their Columbus State student email once their voucher is available to use. Textbook and ordering information will be included in this email.

    The availability of a book voucher is dependent on when a student has registered for courses and if courses are eligible for College Credit Plus funding. Student's who register close to or after the start of classes may not receive their voucher until after the semester begins. 

    When can I use my voucher?

    Vouchers, once received, will be available for use as follows: 

    Autumn Semester 2017: August 14 - September 8 
    (online ordering begins August 22)
  • Spring Semester 2018: TBD
  • How do I use my voucher in-person?

    Students must present a copy of their schedule from Cougarweb to use a College Credit Plus voucher at the bookstore. See the designated CC+ area on the 2nd floor of the bookstore for assistance.

    If you need assistance or help concerning a CC+ book voucher please email or call 614-287-5237 (please provide student's full name and cougar ID).

    What if all I need is an online Access Code?

    Online access codes and eBooks are physical items that must be picked up at the bookstore or shipped via an online order. Please do not self-pay online from someone other than the bookstore, as we will not be able to refund the cost.


  • Only required textbooks and kits are funded under CC+ Book Vouchers. Students are responsible for any ineligible purchases on their account.

    Book Vouchers do not cover the following:

    -Developmental Education Books
    -High School Location Books
    -Books for Courses that exceed your Max Credit Hours
    -Books for Unapproved Courses
    -Calculators & School Supplies

    Max Credit Restrictions overview:
  • The Registration Consent Form signed by you, your parent/guardian, and your guidance counselor includes the maximum number of credit hours for which you are funded for the year.  Books for any additional classes beyond the maximum hours awarded will not be eligible for funding with an electronic book voucher. Students will be responsible to self-pay for these books as well as tuition and fees.
  • Developmental education courses that are self-pay:

    BIO 0100
    CHEM 0100
    ENGL 0190
    MATH 1020, 1025, 1030, 1050, 1060, 1075, and 1099
  • If you change your schedule or drop a class but received book(s) using your voucher:

    Once a class is dropped from a schedule it becomes ineligible for College Credit Plus funding. You will be required to return books and course materials for dropped classes in the condition you received them by the account closing deadline.

    Please wait to open or use manuals or online access cards until you are sure you are taking the class. We will not be able to return access cards to your account if they have been used or exposed.

VOUCHER LIST (Summer 2017)

  • Students from these districts will receive a book voucher if eligible:

    Amanda Clearcreek
    Art College Prep
    Bexley City Schools
    Big Walnut
    Buckeye Valley Local Schools
    Canal Winchester Local Schools
    Catholic Diocese Schools
    Columbus City Schools
    Columbus Preparatory Academy
    Delaware Area Career Center
    Delaware City Schools
    Dublin City Schools
    Early College Academy
    Eastland Fairfield Schools
    Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
    Elgin Local Schools
    Fairbanks Local Schools
    Franklinton Preparatory Academy
    Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools
    Genoa Christian Academy
    Grandview Heights City Schools
    Grove City Christian
    Groveport Madison Local Schools
    Hamilton Local Schools
    Hilliard City Schools
    Horizon Academy
    Jonathan Alder Local Schools
    Liberty Union-Thurston Local Schools
    Licking Heights Local Schools
    Logan Elm
    London Schools
    Marysville Exempted Village
    Mason Run High School
    Metro Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Mid-East Career Center
    New Albany-Plain Local Schools
    New Bremen High Schools
    Northridge Local Schools
    Ohio High-Point
    Olentangy Local Schools
    Pickerington Local Schools
    Reynoldsburg Schools
    Southwest Licking Local Schools
    South-Western City Schools
    Springfield City Schools
    Teays Valley Schools
    Tolles Career and Technical Center
    Triad High Schools
    Upper Arlington City Schools
    Virtual Community School
    West Jefferson Local Schools
    Westerville City Schools
    Whitehall City Schools
    Worthington City Schools
    Academy for Urban Scholars
    Berea City
    Bloom-Carroll Local
    Buckeye On-Line schools for Success
    Centerburg Local Schools
    Columbus Arts & Technology Academy
    Delaware Christian
    Lancaster City Schools
    Lexington Local
    North Union Local
    Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy
    Ohio Connections Academy
    Ohio Virtual Academy
    Oregon City
    Patriot Preparatory Academy
    River View Local
    The Graham School
    The Wellington School
    Tipp City Exempted Village
    Treca Digital Academy
    Troy City Schools
    Westfall Local
    Worthington Christian







  • Schedule Change Notice: Once a class is dropped from your schedule it becomes ineligible for College Credit Plus funding.  To avoid being charged, course materials received for ineligible courses must be returned in original condition before the account closing deadline. Please wait to open or use manuals or online access cards until you are sure you are taking the course. We will not be able to accept returns on access cards if they have been used or exposed.

  • Note: If course materials are not returned by the account closing deadline or items are not in returnable condition, please see your high school.

    **NEW POLICY**
  • End of Semester Returns: Books obtained using a book voucher at the Columbus State Bookstore are the property of the school/district. Please return books to your high school at the end of the semester, unless notified otherwise. The bookstore will no longer be collecting books.
  • School Buyback Option: If the school/district would like to participate in our buyback program, they should contact the bookstore to request book buyback eligibility. The district must submit a vendor registration form to the college to facilitate a buyback.
  • Schools seeking buyback assistance, please contact:
    Phil Sanders, • 614-287-5127
    Gillian Lustig-Shilts, • 614-287-5237



Book Vouchers/Purchase Orders • 614-287-5237

Buybacks/High School Location Orders • 614-287-5127

For help with your schedule or registration 
Contact your College Credit Plus Academic Advisor

For help navigating the College Credit Plus program at Columbus State
Visit the Resource Guide for Students, Parents/Guardians, and School Counselors
or the Columbus State Dual Credit page

For more information about College Credit Plus
Visit the Ohio Board of Regents' College Credit Plus webpage.


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    Aug. 30 (W) • 7:30am-7:30pm
    Aug. 31 (TH) • 7:30am-7:30pm
    Sept. 1 (F) • 7:30am-4:30pm
    Sept. 2 (S) • 8:00am-12:00pm
    Sept. 3 (SU) • CLOSED
    Sept. 4 (M) • CLOSED
    Sept. 5 (T) • 7:30am-7:30pm
    Sept. 6 (W) • 7:30am-7:30pm
    Sept. 7 (TH) • 7:30am-7:30pm


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